Confirmation of a successful nuclear fusion test by the US Department of Energy

Confirmation of a successful nuclear fusion test by the US Department of Energy

After the recent speculations about the announcement of the US Department of Energy, this institution U.S. government They recently officially confirmed the successful testing of nuclear fusion at the Livermore California laboratory, achieving net energy production. It is expected that this achievement, which the government officials called a major scientific breakthrough, will bring the world one step closer to the commercialization of this knowledge and the production of carbon-free energy.

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In this regard, it is reported that the Livermore laboratory researchers conducted the relevant test on December 5. Their experiment has been associated with the application of 2.05 megajoules of energy initiating the process and receiving 3.15 megajoules of production energy, and this is a great achievement compared to before, because the energy consumption of initiating the process has always been higher, and this has led to the non-optimal use of this technology.

Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of Energy of the United States, acknowledged in her recent statement that the use of this energy for the first time provides the conditions for the production of special energy that is going on in the stars and the sun.

Livermore Lab Core Fusion
The main combustion chamber at the Livermore Laboratory in California

He also considered this achievement as an important step to build a world free of excess carbon dioxide production. Legislators and clean energy experts are also happy with this recent research. However, for the time being, a long and complicated road to the final commercialization in the energy infrastructure of countries and companies is in front of researchers and scientists, and the senior officials of the Livermore Laboratory have also confirmed the existence of important obstacles in relation to the widespread and widespread use of nuclear fusion.

Jill Hruby, director of the US National Nuclear Security Administration, warned in this regard that in the future, there are going to be improvements and failures regarding nuclear attack.

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