Confirmation of the creation of an online and independent game from the Horizon series by Gorilla Games

Confirmation of the creation of an online and independent game from the Horizon series by Gorilla Games

The developer studio of the game series Horizon It has recently confirmed the creation of a multiplayer online game from the world of the series with new characters and art style. Amsterdam studio Guerrilla Games recently revealed in a job posting on Twitter that the in-house team at the studio is developing a separate online game inspired by the Horizon universe.

In the statement of this studio, it is stated that the new game is being developed with the presence of new characters and a special and unique graphic appearance, and gamers can experience and adventure in the world of this game online.

In the beginning of this year, there were rumors about this time, but this is the first time that Gorilla Games has confirmed this news. In the job advertisement announced by the developer studio, information has been stated and Gorilla Games has advertised a job titled “Game Narrative Designer” which needs to present a deep and complex story for this project.

In this regard, you can probably understand that this is not a simple online multiplayer game where gamers compete against each other, and the author of the game has also been asked to provide suitable ideas for game missions and side stories and background. With the job ad of Gorilla Games, we can understand that the new game is likely to be similar to the original series in terms of structure and story attractions, with the difference that the execution form of the game is probably going to be different from the original series.

  Horizon online game

Meanwhile, the game’s lead designer will be responsible for creating a variety of enemies that include war machines, and he will focus on creating exciting battles in the game with cooperative elements among gamers. The developer studio also confirmed in its Twitter post that it will continue to create new exciting and solo adventures for the main character of this game series, Aloy, and this probably means the initial planning to make the third main game of this series.

However, this new multiplayer game won’t be the first game to expand on the Horizon universe, and in February, Horizon: Call of the Mountain is set to be available for the platform alongside the launch of Sony’s PSVR 2 virtual reality headset.

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