Consequences of the cyber attack on the Arvan cloud from the perspective of the affected businesses

Consequences of the cyber attack on the Arvan cloud from the perspective of the affected businesses

Hacker attack on Arvan cloud on the eve of Nowruz has caused irreparable damage to businesses. Abar Arwan says that more than the points mentioned in the SLA (agreement) have helped the damaged businesses and taken compensatory measures, and on the other hand, some businesses believe that this did not happen and intend to prosecute and Legal, to address this issue further. They demand that the legislature and the government intervene in this matter in order to eliminate the legal shortcomings in this regard.

Our credibility has been damaged

Pourya Alemi, a media activist and CEO of the startup Iqsa, is one of the people who believes that what happened to Abar Arvan and its consequences affected related businesses, is one of the cases that not only caused huge financial losses to private sector companies. But also damaged their reputation and brand; An issue that, in his opinion, is irreparable. “There is a debate about financial losses, but measuring the moral damage that damages the credibility and value of your brand and the audience’s trust in you is more important and effective than momentary financial loss because it has a long-term impact,” he told Digito.

Alami says that the parameters of measuring and measuring credit in Iran’s new startup ecosystem are different from other cases, and since these companies are not on the stock exchange board, these parameters can not be easily calculated: “It took months to turn the product into a brand. , Then its maintenance and stability creates a continuous and incremental cost; In this way, there is a possibility of injury for various reasons. From issues such as natural disasters to organizational mistakes and these are also predicted in corporate insurance. For example, the internet outage is generally taken away from us, but when the outage is temporary and unique to us, the target audience sees us, not the web service or anything else; “They are directly with us and will be held accountable for the services they have paid for.”

Alami believes that in this case, all the material, time and human costs that have been done for a long time will be wasted and there will be mistrust in customers, and this uncertainty will grow exponentially and its vacancy cannot be filled: “Returning a brand to How long does the playing field take exactly where they used to play? No one has the answer to this question. “Apart from the financial losses, the feeling of great despair has also been transmitted to the injured teams.”

The business holiday economy was destroyed

Asked if he could say what the financial loss was to iShe, Alami said: “There is an issue called the holiday economy all over the world, most of which dates back to Nowruz in Iran. In Iran, businesses put all their eggs in the basket on Eid night and suddenly everything falls apart. The problem is the great damage that has been done, and more importantly, the issue of liability for causing damage. “Many businesses are still apologizing to their customers, apologizing for a problem that was not their fault at all.”

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Asked if they had a backup of their data so that they could protect their data according to SLA criteria, Alami told Digito that they did have a backup, but it took a while to launch it on Eid night. It took a long time and they had to bring their technical team with them during the holidays so that they could take advantage of their backups:

“Naturally, there is no backup until the last day, and the information that is now given to us through Arvan cloud is incomplete and ineffective. In addition, large data has been lost. On the other hand, should Abraravan, as a company that has reportedly clouded several thousand startups, be considered as a startup? “And isn’t calling it a startup really a reduction in their crisis management?”

Asked what he thinks Abar Arvan should have compensated for, which he has not done so far, Alami said: “This is a complex issue and it should be examined and experts and the legislator should give a serious opinion on it.” He cites an example: “When I hit a bicycle with my car; I can say sorry I lost! Or I can take him to the hospital and treat him and give him his bike like the first day. “Both are compensatory, but they are completely different.”

Seek legal action

Asked if they intend to pursue legal action, Alami told Digito: “We will definitely do this and we believe that others should do the same. Our subject is to examine this issue by looking at individual responsibility and examining direct and indirect material and morally damaged rights. In my opinion, in new businesses, the issue of intellectual property rights and its damages should be considered along with direct material damages. I hope that our efforts will pave the way for clarifying the situation and responsibilities of other companies and businesses in the future. Are we directly or indirectly responsible for harming others? For example, is the highway or municipality responsible for breaking the foot of a pedestrian who falls into a sidewalk pit? Think about this question. “There may be a legal vacuum in this case, and I think the legislature and the experts should get involved to talk about it.”

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Aranico’s critical statement regarding the recent attacks on Arvan cloud servers that have caused financial losses to the business.

On the other hand, “Mohammad Khaliqi”, the CEO of Aranico platform, emphasized in a conversation with Digito that they intend to pursue the case legally. Asked by Abar Arwan if he believed there had been no legal violation, he told Digito: “This agreement, which is being breached, could be right for a short break and temporary problems, but not for the crisis that has arisen. “Businesses have been involved for several weeks and it is still unclear what happened.”

“When I buy a car from the factory, it can crash because of my shortcomings, and I am to blame, but when the car is in the parking lot on its own,” he said, adding that in the Arvan accident, they entered a pool with no lifeguards. “Who is to blame for the fire?”

“Their customers (who are active in this field) have not been able to respond to customers on important days of the year,” said Khaliqi, emphasizing that their customers are businessmen who are aware of prices and rates during the holidays. “The current actions of Abar Arvan are irreparable.”

Asked if he fundamentally disagreed with any of Arvan Arvan’s compensatory measures, Oranico CEO said that Arvan entered a show after the incident: “Releasing images of a team that is sleeping insomnia to resolve the crisis, and What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? “At the same time, these cases did not work in practice and the support was not provided properly.”

Khaliqi says they are waiting for Abar Arvan’s final statement to see how they should proceed with their complaint: “The problem is that to this day we do not know exactly what happened; Maybe it was an internal case at all. “This lack of proper information by Abar Arvan has been the biggest problem we have faced during this period.”

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Lack of correct and timely information

“Ehsan Vaseghi”, the CEO of “Fararayanesh” company, in a conversation with Digiato, also emphasizes the same issue of lack of proper information and says that he considers the most criticism of Arvan cloud to be the lack of transparency of this team and lack of correct, accurate and timely information:

“We had 14 services on a web server in Arvan cloud, which was two before, but due to the weak support of this collection, we recently reduced this number to one service. Three of these services were the most important, the web server of the Panak IoT platform, another online car wash, and one owned by an educational site. Nothing special happened for the first service (Panak) and this service was down for 3 or 4 minutes and we transferred it to our other server. But the online car wash service went down exactly at the time of Eid and it was difficult to sell it. Arvan cloud information was false and opaque. When the cluster storage of a broken data center had to be clearly informed from the beginning so that the customer could upgrade their service elsewhere, the service was down for a day and a half, but we still did not know exactly what would happen. “After nearly two days, it was only through the tweets of the CEO of Abar Arvan, and not an official announcement, that we realized that the event was much bigger than we thought and that we needed to get a new server.”

Vaseghi says that the files returned by Arvan cloud are also “restored” and are damaged and practically useless: “For example, the files of the educational site belong to January.” He says what Arvan Arvan always said about information security and chanted about it has not been implemented at all.

According to Vaseghi, the online education service also encountered many problems and, unlike the previous two backup services, it was not available to date: “Arvan cloud did not provide the correct information and customers waited for several days for the issues to be corrected, but nothing was fixed. “It became clear that it was not going to be fixed any time soon.”

“We do not intend to prosecute, but I think Abar Arvan should treat a series of customers who have suffered huge losses in a different way,” Vaseghi said. “It is true that customers should have backups, but Arvan Cloud should also adhere to one of its commitments.”

Vaseghi emphasizes that in such events, it is more the reputation that is hit than the financial loss. He says Abar Arvan has not been able to manage the crisis properly and provide the information properly: “None of the customers knew that the outage was so great that the damaged files were to reach them in 16 days. “In fact, some unusable files were delivered to customers.”

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“The long process, which includes very poor support and a lack of customer orientation and negligence, has made matters worse,” says Vaseghi. “I do not envisage any special compensation for customers. Of course, this is about our business. There were those who lost a certain number of customers at a certain time, and that was only because of Arvan’s services; “These teams should have a legal expert comment on their compensation.”

Earlier, Arvan Cloud spoke about the compensatory measures it has taken against customers affected by hacker attacks based on its SLA. He talked to Digito. The team believes that it has exceeded the agreement and emphasizes that no legal violations have taken place; However, it seems that some teams intend to pursue this issue legally, and they believe that the legal vacuum in these issues will not prevent them from pursuing it.

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