Corona telecommuting with Mizito project management software

دورکاری در دوران کرونا با نرم افزار مدیریت پروژه میزیتو

Corona called businesses with a fundamental change Online project management As well as the urgent need of companies and organizations to Project management software Faced. As we have seen over the past year, the corona pandemic has had a profound effect on our lifestyles around the world. The business world is not isolated from these changes and influences, and like all history, it was one of the first topics to be discussed. Many businesses went bankrupt, and on the contrary, many businesses reached their peak. Especially online businesses or businesses that have already connected to the online world before this pandemic. During this period, telecommuting has become an important and necessary issue due to the closure of many places, and many employees are engaged in telecommuting. This method has reduced many financial and human costs during the corona outbreak. But the only problem that some companies face is how to manage projects. If you have any problems in this regard, you should know that this article was written exactly for you so that you can Online project management Do it right and by knowing and using Telecommunication tools Be aware of the work routine of your long-term employees and be able to easily manage your company or business. So stay with us until the end.

The importance of telecommuting in today’s world

Corona has once again proved to us that telecommuting is undeniable and we will definitely move towards it. Whether the move is mandatory, such as quarantine and coronary conditions, or cost-cutting. In any case, telecommuting and teaming up with several people from several cities or even countries has become obvious and normal. Undoubtedly, online project management is a necessary process that gives a special meaning to the group and team, and for this reason, many online project management software have been produced for several years, which is a tool for telecommuting and business management, or better to say, the new generation of office automation. The ultimate is better management of staff and workflow remotely.

In Iran, due to international sanctions and the impossibility of paying foreign currency, software across borders has always been a dream and inaccessible to us, but now, five years ago, local software for personnel duties, online project management and business management They have come to lead us to more purpose and cooperation.

Digital world and businesses in Iran

Due to Corona, the digital explosion in Iran, like other countries in the world, occurred. In this global village, businesses are moving online every day and telecommuting is becoming more acceptable. Currently, 13,000 teams, startups, companies, large and small organizations in various areas of business, are using Project management software Mizito are online. This number is very high according to the statistical population of telecommuting people and shows the importance and necessity for a native and cost-effective software.

Why is it necessary to use Mizito?

Every business plan undoubtedly needs proper and proper management. Proper management requires knowledge of all the details, events, issues and work processes that occur systematically inside and outside the company. Managements will be much more sensitive during the telecommuting era, and it is necessary to use the appropriate telecommuting tools for proper management and provide the path for business growth and development.

As mentioned, the use of external tools due to sanctions and decisions of foreign companies can deprive you of access to company management documents and information and impose certain restrictions on you. Based on this, Mizito online project management software in Iran has found a suitable place among businesses.

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Including capabilities Mizito The following can be mentioned:

  • Possibility of conversation and private social network
  • Ability to make video calls and hold online meetings
  • Project management and telecommuting tools
  • Scrumboard management (such as Terlo board)
  • Customer file management and sales tracking process
  • Control tasks and progress charts
  • Ability to define the task for several people
  • Ability to copy tasks for similar projects to save time
  • Organizational correspondence and letters (with the ability to receive and issue letters with the secretariat number)
  • Prepare a personal task checklist
  • Monitoring company projects and team members’ duties
  • Monitoring customers’ files
  • Persian calendar for accurate management and scheduling of projects
  • Schedule management and task start reminders
  • Determine the weight and value of tasks
  • Define meeting minutes and send text messages to members to attend the meeting
  • Define meeting resolutions in the form of tasks with the ability to track and schedule
  • Manage revenues, expenses and financial documents in customers’ files
  • Define leads to track sales in customers’ files
  • Define sales opportunities and customer acquisition probability
  • Sales monitoring (based on successful sales and potential sales opportunities)
  • Financial monitoring to check the amount of income in different time periods

1621777510 341 Corona telecommuting with Mizito project management software Corona telecommuting with Mizito project management software 4

Having these capabilities has given Mizito the opportunity to accompany large corporations and businesses. You can also through the website www.mizito.ir with capabilities Mizito as a teleworking tool and a new generation of office automation Get to know each other and have a safe way to manage your business.

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