Corona vaccination for people over 75 years of age began in the country

واکسیناسیون کرونا برای افراد بالای ۷۵ سال در کشور آغاز شد

The Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education officially announced the start of corona vaccination for people over 75 years of age.

“Alireza Raeisi” announced the official start of vaccination for people over 75 years old: “Vaccination for people over 75 years old, ie those born in 1325, will start before today. “The details of these people are available in the health network, and gradually these people will be contacted or sent a text message, and there is no need to visit and register in person at the moment.” However, it should be noted that last week, some people over the age of 80 went to more private centers and were able to get the first dose of their vaccine without calling or registering.

“Vaccination for this age group will continue for at least the next two weeks,” said the Deputy Minister of Health. If by Wednesday this week, this group of elderly people (over 75 years old) have not received the vaccination text message or have not been contacted, they can refer to the Internet salamat.gov.ir “By announcing the details, register the national code and contact number so that they can be contacted.”

“This group of seniors can still register for the vaccine if they have not already been vaccinated, and despite the start of vaccination, the younger age groups can continue,” Raisi said. “No one’s quota will be lost.”

It is worth mentioning that the vaccination of the elderly has started and continued since the 7th of Ordibehesht of this year with the age group of 80 years and above. According to the Ministry of Health, about 3.2 million corona vaccines have been imported into the country so far.

1,713,648 people received the first dose of the Corona vaccine. 342,950 people have been injected with the second dose and the total number of injected vaccines in the country has reached 2 million 56 thousand 598 doses.

Meanwhile, the general injection of the Iranian Barakat vaccine to volunteers in Tehran and Karaj started yesterday and will begin nationwide after the necessary tests are performed.

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