Crazy 24 Hours Ilan Mask with Twitter: Everything you need to know

24 ساعت دیوانه‌وار ایلان ماسک با توییتر: همه آنچه باید بدانید

During the past days “Ilan Mask” He has become one of the most newsworthy people in the world and this issue has intensified in the last 24 hours. First, the issue of him becoming one of the largest shareholders twitter It made headlines and then offered to buy a 100% stake in it social network It also attracted everyone’s attention in cash.

Twitter reacted to Ilan Musk’s offer to buy the social network, but hours later Ilan Musk spoke again, saying he might not really be able to buy Twitter for $ 43 billion. The case did not end there and almost over The last 24 hours Various news items have been published on this subject, and in this article, we intend to review the most important ones.

Ilan Mask’s decision to buy Twitter

Yesterday, a very important news was published by reputable news agencies about Ilan Mask’s decision to buy all of Twitter shares in cash and value. $ 43 billion He informed. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Musk claimed that Twitter would only make progress if it went to a company. Public Stock Become.

At the time of this announcement, it was said that Tesla’s CEO intends to buy each of the shares of this social network for $ 54.20, which is about 18 percent More than the final value of Twitter on Wednesday, before the mask offer was revealed. On the other hand, the news caused the stock of Twitter to fall and its value fell by 1.7% to about $ 45 on Thursday. This shows that traders are skeptical of Ilan Mask’s offer.

Twitter: The board is carefully considering Ilan Mask’s proposal

Following Ilan Mask’s offer to buy a 100% stake in Twitter, the social network announced that the board will evaluate the sudden and non-binding offer of Tesla CEO Ilan Musk to buy.

Twitter also confirmed that it had received a $ 43.4 billion offer from Ilan Musk to buy the platform, and said it was considering a move that would benefit Twitter and all its stakeholders.

Twitter board reacts to Ilan Mask’s suggestion

Ilan Mask

According to some people close to the issue, the Twitter board has held a meeting to consider Ilan Mask’s offer to buy Twitter, and apparently they are not very satisfied with the sale of the company’s shares to Tesla’s CEO. It is also said that they intend to use a type of defense tactic “Toxic pills” (poison pill) that severely limits Ilan Mask’s ability to acquire social media giants.

If the Twitter board rejects Mr. Musk’s offer, he can submit his offer directly to the shareholders, not the board. On the other hand, if Twitter shareholders like his offer, which is currently $ 54.20 per share, they can sell their shares directly to the billionaire and allow him to take control of the company.

In this regard, Ilan Mask a few hours ago, Shared polls for his followers “Twitter’s $ 54.20 privatization should be the responsibility of shareholders, not the board,” the statement said, with 84% of users voting in favor so far.

Ilan Musk: I’m not sure I can really buy Twitter

Tesla CEO Ilan Musk, hours after the $ 43 billion Twitter bid, now says he’re not sure he can really buy the social network.

Asked by TED if Chris Anderson asked Mask if he was pursuing another plan (Plan B), he confirmed such an approach and declined to comment further.

Despite his vast wealth, he’s assets are not cash. For this reason, if such a proposal is implemented, many analysts will undoubtedly be surprised by this practice. Some market analysts have suggested that Ilan Mask may be forced to sell Tesla shares to finance the takeover after the issue of buying Twitter was raised.

Ilan Musk talks about his plans for Twitter

Ilan Mask

Ilan Musk went on to explain to TED that Twitter needs to provide an “open source algorithm” to build trust and confidence for its users. He also insists that he has not decided to buy Twitter to make money and intends to create a safe and reliable public platform for everyone. At the conference, Musk also declined to say what he would do if Twitter’s board rejected his offer, but indirectly indicated that he had an alternative plan.

Ilan Mask is known as one of the most mysterious people, so it is not clear exactly what he plans to do on Twitter. A few weeks ago, he became the largest shareholder of the social network by buying 9.2% of Twitter shares, and since then he has started a complex and deep relationship with it. Even Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal had announced that Mask would be on the board, but the world’s richest man backed down.

Ilan Mask, now with more than 81 million Follower on Twitter is one of the most popular people on this social network.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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