Cro Dragon Toilet Leak Problem: Astronauts use extra underwear

مشکل نشتی توالت کرو دراگون: فضانوردان از لباس زیر اضافه استفاده کنند

The leak of the Crow Dragon Space X capsule toilet has prevented four astronauts from the International Space Station, who are scheduled to return to Earth this month, from not having access to a toilet during their several-hour journey. A NASA executive says they have to rely on their extra underwear.

SpaceX first noticed a toilet problem last month after the Inspiration 4 mission. The company found that the adhesive in the tube that carried urine to the storage tank was lost and leaked under the capsule floor. Created. This problem is apparently present in all three Cro Dragon SpaceX capsules.

NASA has not announced that Shane Kimbero, Megan McArthur, Thomas Pesket and Akihiko Hoshideh will have to spend several hours without a toilet on their way back to Earth. So far, only two Crow Dragon capsules have returned to Earth from the space station, the first traveling 19 hours and the second 6 hours. Steve Stitch, director of NASA’s Crow Commercial program, says the length of the trip will depend on a number of factors, including the effect of orbital dynamics and climate, but the organization is always trying to get astronauts back to Earth in the shortest possible time.

William Gerstenmeier, SpaceX Mission Assurance Manager, claims that the problem of the Crow Dragon toilet leaking causes the urine to basically not go into the storage tank and instead enter the fan system. In this spacecraft, fans are used to suck and control the flow of urine because in the microgravity environment of space, liquids can move in any direction.

Although the Inspiration 4 mission was just completed, the Crow Dragon capsule went to the space station in April and SpaceX could not repair it. As a result, NASA has now told reporters that astronauts on their way back to Earth have no choice but to consider using extra underwear.

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