Crowds vote to leave the nest

زاغچه‌ها برای ترک آشیانه رای‌گیری می‌کنند

A genus of crows called زاغچه‌ها They are known, apparently when deciding to leave the nest en masse through a democratic process, and if they reach a consensus, they rise from the tree. Researchers say the new finding shows how animals Group decisions Do.

Alex Thornton, a professor of cognitive evolution at the University of Exeter and one of the main proponents of a study published in the journal Current Biology, Says“When the bird sounds, in fact Vote “He declares himself or says he wants to leave the nest.” Decisions about flight depend on two factors.

The first factor Volume And the second factor The speed is a gradual increase in sound. When the crows reach a consensus, they rise from the tree in an average of five seconds, creating one of the strangest natural landscapes. If the noise increases faster, the crows will leave the house sooner. Researchers by review 40 thousand magpies Have completed their studies.

Why do crows move together?

The ravens separate from the tree together to protect themselves from predators. In addition, this information is shared between crows. “If you all fly together, you can figure out which crow ate the most and follow him on the next flight to get more food,” says Thornton.

Researchers to observe the behavior of ravens during two winters Microphones Attached to the trees on which these birds sit. They then examined and analyzed the recorded sounds. To validate their findings, they spread some of these sounds to rattlesnakes and found that they respond to these sounds, and on average Six minutes earlier They fly. But when the wind blew, the birds did not leave the tree.

These findings will help scientists learn more about Effects of human activities Acquire animal communities. In the last century, humans have created various light and sound pollutions that may have disrupted the animal communication process.

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