Crystal Dynamics has announced the end of support for the Avengers game

Crystal Dynamics has announced the end of support for the Avengers game

“Crystal Dynamics” studio announced the end date of support for the superhero game “Marvel’s Avengers”.

On Friday, Crystal Dynamics announced in a blog post that the final update for Marvel’s Avengers will be released on March 31, 2023 (April 11, 1402). The studio further confirmed that it will end its official support for the Avengers game on September 30, 2023 (October 8, 1402). Of course, players will continue to have access to the single and multiplayer parts of the game after September 30.

End of support for Avengers game

The details of Crystal Dynamics’ blog post about the end of support date for Avengers game are as follows:

We have to announce to our amazing community that after two and a half years of introducing Earth’s twelve mightiest superheroes, we will no longer be adding new content or features to Avengers following the 2.8 update on March 31st. All official support for the game will end on September 30. Although Marvel’s Avengers game is nearing the end of its life cycle; But players can still experience the Avengers game in single and multiplayer.

Release date of the latest Avengers game update

In the latest Avengers update (update 2.7), the character “Bucky Barnes” and the Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat stage were added to the game. Update 2.8 will be released on March 31st as the final update for the game. In update 2.8, in-app purchases will be removed. All purchasable Avengers accessories will be available to players for free until the last day of Crystal Dynamics’ support for the game.

Various news about the future projects of Crystal Dynamics studio in the computer game industry have been published. In 2021, Microsoft announced a partnership with Crystal Dynamics for development Project Dark game An agreement has been reached. Project Dark game is going to be developed by home studio The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics. Earlier this month, Crystal Dynamics claimed that its co-development work on Project Dark was going “very well”.

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