Cyber ​​attack on Riot Games company; The source code of League of Legends was stolen!

Cyber ​​attack on Riot Games company;  The source code of League of Legends was stolen!

It seems that the source code of the League of Legends game has been subjected to a cyber attack, and as a result of this attack, the cheat codes released by this cyber attack can cause damage to Riot Games.

Last week, it was revealed that Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legends, was attacked by ransomware. Now the company has disclosed the amount of damage caused by this attack. Fortunately, users’ information is apparently not affected by this cyberattack. Of course, this news is not so satisfactory for Riot Games, because the company’s managers confirmed that the source code of the game League of Legends, the mobile game Teamflight Tactics and some old anti-cheat software were stolen by hackers.

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Full details of the cyber attack in Riot Games’ statement

This could have a devastating effect on Riot Games. They warn that the recent cyber attack could be an advantage for League of Legends cheaters. More specifically, they also warn that various test modes and features may be found in this code. Riot Games’ statement regarding the ransomware attack on the game’s source code is as follows:

As promised, we wanted to update you on last week’s cyber attack. We’ve investigated whether the source code of League of Legends, the mobile game Teamflight Tactics, and the company’s legacy anti-spam tools have been mined by cyber attackers. Today we received an email from the attackers. We are not going to pay them ransom. This incident has disrupted the game development environment and can cause problems in the future. The only good news is that users’ personal information was not stolen during this attack.

Riot Games continues to say about the release of cheat codes from this cyber attack:

In fact, any disclosure of the source code could increase the likelihood of new cheat codes emerging. Since the attack, we have been working to assess the impact on our anti-fraud tools and are ready to implement fixes as quickly as possible if needed. The illegally obtained source code contains a number of test cases. While we hope that some of these modes will eventually be rolled out to players, we must state that most of the content in said modes is in a prototype state and there is no guarantee that it will ever be released.

At the end of the statement, Riot Games announces that the company’s internal and external security teams are strengthening their forces to deal with cyber attacks. The company states that in the near future, it will release a full report detailing the cyber attackers’ attack. Riot Games promises to improve the security of League of Legends and Teamflight Tactics.

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