Dacia is updated; A new address to capture the world economy car market

داچیا به روز می شود؛ نشانی تازه برای تصرف بازار خودروهای اقتصادی جهان

The latest logo Dacia, which we saw in early January 2021 on the Bigger concept, is called Dacia Link. Now this Romanian brand of its simple and new logo that is a combination of Two letters D and C Has been unveiled. The latest Dacia logo has been in use since the company’s letterheads and correspondence, and dealerships have been using it since early 2022.

Now this logo is installed on all new products of this company. From June 16, customers can choose the model they want New badge and windshield Redesigned to order. In the rear view, we do not see the DC logo, and like most automakers, the full name of the company can be seen on the back of Dacia products.

Dacia Duster with new logo

Dacia in addition Replace the old logo, Has also increased the color variety of its products, which now includes lichen soil. Loads, Armpit mirror frames And skid front and rear plates in models Sandro Stepoy And the duster have turned gray. In the center of the wheels is the latest Dacia logo and in the middle of the steering wheel is the full name of Dacia.

Official display of the Dacia logo, October 2022

The first cars with the new logo will be delivered to customers at the end of 2022. Most of the company’s models have a speed of less than 180 km / h, but Dacia will be the first Renault brand to limit the speed of its cars to this amount from 2023. Production of the company’s new product, the Bigster, which is a larger chassis than the Dacia Duster, will begin soon.

Dacia Logan
Dacia Logan (our own El Nood!)

Meanwhile, Dacia will unveil its new logo in public for the first time at the Paris Motor Show 2022 in October. Dacia has not specified which models will be available in France, however, the latest Dacia logo is installed on all of the company’s products, namely Spring, Sandro, Sandro Stepoy, Logan, Duster and Jagger.

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