Dealing with “Parler” intensified: removal from the Apple App Store and disconnection of servers on Amazon

Dealing with "Parler" intensified: removal from the Apple App Store and disconnection of servers on Amazon

The attack on the US Congress Palace, as well as the stance taken by the US President, blocked his personal Twitter account, as well as that of some of his supporters. This prompted users to switch to Twitter, an alternative to Twitter called Parler, which tech companies did not like. After removing this app from the Play Store, now Apple removes it from the App Store and Amazon also disconnects its related servers.

Apple issued an ultimatum to Parler on Friday to remove content that would violate its rules, and also asked it to provide a plan for how to manage content in the future. Apple had given the app only 24 hours, and now, after that time, Parler has been removed from the App Store.

Apple said in a statement:

“We always advocate for different points of view to be displayed in the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity. Parler has not done enough to counter the spread of these threats. “Until these issues are resolved, this app will not be available in the App Store and we have suspended it.”

Parler apparently did some of the things Apple wanted, but the Cupertinos did not consider them enough. In a statement to the app, Apple noted that the processes were not sufficient to regulate or prevent the spread of dangerous and illegal content, and that it would not return to the App Store until it succeeded.

Google and Apple were not the only companies that decided to remove Parler from their stores, and Amazon informed the program that its servers Suspends. A member of the Amazon Web Services Trust and Security team told the program in an email that it had violated Amazon Terms and Services and that the company was not satisfied with the efficient monitoring of content by a team of volunteers.

Parler CEO John Matz has confirmed the suspension and announced that all of the app’s servers will be shut down on Sunday. According to Matz, it is possible that Parler will not be available for a week and will be ready for use again. Matz has also accused Apple, Google and other companies of working together to eliminate competition.

Lack of hosting on Amazon, as well as removal from Google Play and the App Store, will hit Parler hard. We have to wait and see what plans Twitter’s alternative social networking program has for the future.

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