Debian 10.9 was released with an update for popular packages

Debian 10.9 was released with an update for popular packages

The Debian project has announced the release of Debian 10.9. The ISO version of this Linux distribution is now available for download. The new version includes the latest package updates to save operating system installation time.

This version, which is the ninth update of the stable version of Debian 10, is known as Buster. According to the Debian projectThe new version includes fixes for some security issues as well as some important issues. Debian 10.9 is not really a new version of Debian 10 and only updates some of its bundles. Some of the packages updated in Debian 10.9 include LibreOffice, Linux kernel, Python, Firefox ESR, Chromium تور and Tor. Debian installer has also been updated to fix some of the previous problems.

Debian 10 was first introduced on July 6, 2019 and will receive several updates by 2024. Since, as usual, we see a version of Debian released every two years with major changes, it is expected that Debian 11 will be released this year. Of course, the official release date of this version has not been announced yet. If you already have Debian 9 on your system, you do not need to download Debian 10.9 and just install the existing updates for the operating system to be updated to the new version.

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