Delivering the first commercial 24 qubit quantum computer in China to a customer

Delivering the first commercial 24 qubit quantum computer in China to a customer

The Chinese company Origin Quantum, whose field of work is the development of quantum computers for cloud and commercial applications, has recently announced that The first commercial quantum computer named Wuyuan delivered to the customer for use. This news can be a turning point in this regard for China because China is the third country after the United States and Canada to enter the era of quantum computer computing.

According to reports, this new device uses superconducting chip technology and also benefits from specialized software requirements and software stack. In this regard, it is said that the Wuyuan quantum computer has been released with support for 24 qubits, however, the details of the number of quantum processing units (QPU) are not known.

The company behind the development of this computer has not yet disclosed any details about the QPU. In this regard, the South China Morning Post reported that the new quantum computer uses a dedicated operating system and cloud computing platform to use this device remotely.

Wuyuan quantum computer

Origin Quantum also did not make the customer information of this computer available, but it is said that this quantum computer can be used for all kinds of applications, including solving complex world calculations, breaking common computer codes and inventing drugs, or even developing dangerous weapons of mass destruction! The company also called the Wuyuan computer its first such system to be practically developed in China, and said it is already working on developing more powerful systems.

According to reports, this new computer was delivered to the customer nearly a year ago, and the Chinese company could be working on a newer system right now. However, the Wuyuan quantum computer is not the first quantum system built in China, but it must be said that it is the first computer of its kind to be sold commercially and to benefit from the common capabilities of these types of systems in this country. Origin Quantum is the only Chinese company that claims to have delivered a commercial quantum computer to a customer, and this company, along with other companies, was blacklisted by the US last year.

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