Dell has unveiled a $ 200 4K webcam with Sony sensor and artificial intelligence technology

دل از یک وبکم ۲۰۰ دلاری 4K با سنسور سونی و فناوری هوش مصنوعی رونمایی کرد

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many employees became telecommuters and meetings were held virtually. Computer users need a webcam for such sessions, and now Dell has decided on a $ 200 webcam called the UltraSharp Webcam. Unveil Capable of recording 4K videos.

This Dell webcam uses Sony Starvis 8.3 megapixel camera sensor, which is mostly used in CCTV cameras. This camera can provide high quality even in low light conditions and use the optional HDR mode to provide the user with good quality in different lighting conditions.

Dell has made its new webcam suitable for live streaming and video calling with several features. In this product, you can choose three fields of view: 90 degrees, 78 degrees and 65 degrees, which bring the image closer to your face.

The webcam also has a 5x digital zoom feature and uses artificial intelligence to keep you in the center of the frame while moving. The ability to keep the subject in the center of the frame is also present in other products and is not specific to this webcam, even Apple’s latest iPad Pro uses it.

One of the functionalities of this 4K webcam is the ability to close the shutter. Some users prefer to close the shutter after sessions or live streaming for privacy reasons. The user can place the webcam cover magnetically on the back so that it does not get lost.

This Dell product has also been approved by Microsoft Thames and Zoom, so it performs well when using these services. Launched globally, the webcam also supports Windows Hello authentication to provide full features to users, though we should not expect less than a $ 200 webcam.

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