Dell unveils Concept Luna: A concept laptop to increase repairability

دل از Concept Luna رونمایی کرد: لپ‌تاپی مفهومی برای افزایش تعمیرپذیری

Dell has partnered with Intel to build a new laptop called the Concept Luna to make it easier to repair, reuse and recycle personal computers in the future. The company says that if all these ideas are followed in product design, the carbon footprint of laptops will be reduced by up to 50% compared to current models.

One of the key features Concept Luna Redesign the parts and their new and more efficient arrangement. The motherboard is 75% smaller and the total number of components is reduced by 20%. Almost the location of all the parts has changed; The motherboard is now slightly raised to be closer to the top of the body and to cool more easily. The motherboard is also detached from the battery charging unit at the bottom, and this change helps the device cool down without the need for a fan.

Modifications to this device reduce energy requirements and allow designers to use smaller batteries with deep cycle cells. These batteries have a longer life and allow the device to return to the consumption cycle if needed after refurbishing and troubleshooting.

Laptop Concept Luna

Use of reliable materials in the construction of Dell Concept Luna

Dell designers have used materials to make this device that require less energy to produce and are easier to recycle. The “Luna Concept” also reduces the number of screws by 10 times, and by opening only 4 screws, you can access the internal parts of the device. This change not only reduces the number of parts, but also reduces the time required for repair by about an hour and a half.

Laptop Concept Luna

Other features of the Luna Concept include a keyboard that is easier to disassemble, replace or recycle. In addition, Dell used a printed circuit board (PCB) made of linen fiber and applied a water-soluble polymer as an adhesive.

Dell is now set to evaluate the best Luna Concept laptop ideas and apply some of them to its products.

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