Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy of Electronic Selection: Economic transparency is the priority of electronic selection

معاون مالی و اقتصادی انتخاب الکترونیک: شفافیت اقتصادی، اولویت انتخاب الکترونیک است

The financial and economic deputy of Electronic Electronics Industrial Group received the Golden Statue of the National Award for Financial Management of Iran, which evaluates volunteer organizations every year by the most experienced professors in the field of finance and economics using the most prestigious financial models in the world.

According to the Electronic Media Communication Center, on the sidelines of the award ceremony of the top financial units of companies operating in the Iranian economic system, which was held in the presence of elites and financial-economic managers of large Iranian companies, the Golden Statue and the National Award for Financial Management of Iran. A number of Iranian elites and professors of economics will be judged.

Asghar Ghorbani, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy Electronics selection On the sidelines of the awards ceremony, he told reporters: “Fortunately, transparency is a top priority on the agenda of the financial and economic deputy team of the Electronic Selection Industrial Group, and we are pleased that today, as a company active in the private sector of Iran’s economic system, transparent activities We have financial and economic.

He added: “The change in the scale of activity in the largest value chain of the home appliance industry in West Asia, has led the financial and economic deputy of electronic selection from the stage of financial and economic activities to the stage of streamlining in the Iranian economic system and influencing national economic indicators.”

Financial and Economic Deputy of Electronic Selection Industrial Group with reference to bReceiving the golden statuette of the National Award for Financial Management of Iran by this company, stated: increasing the industry’s share of GDP, conquering new export markets and moving in the direction of standard economic frameworks recommended in various dimensions of productive economy. It is economical.

Ghorbani added: “Economic flow and moving towards a productive economy based on production, electronic selection is at the top of Iran’s private sector economic enterprises, and therefore receiving such awards can confirm the transparency and constructive economic-industrial activities of the largest equipment manufacturer.” Be home to Iran.

In the end, he continued: “This award specifically measures the effectiveness of financial and accounting activities of companies by evaluating the type of financial management and economic transparency of organizations, and finally by evaluating the financial and economic policies and strategies of companies, financial management and leadership of companies and Objectives, financial staff, tools used and optimal allocation of available resources rank companies in this award.

According to this report, Hamrah Aval Company, Iran Zamin Bank, Sarmad Insurance, Pasargad Bank, Tejarat Bank and a number of other Iranian enterprises were honored to receive various ranks by participating in this award.

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