Deputy Ministry of Privacy: Customization of the mobile phone operating system should be considered by the Ministry of Communications

Deputy Ministry of Privacy: Customization of the mobile phone operating system should be considered by the Ministry of Communications

The Deputy Minister of Security announced that the distributors should monitor the distribution system of mobile phones in the next year, and the operating system of mobile phones will be “customized”.

“Alireza Shahmirzaei”, the deputy of the Ministry of Security, in his new interview with one of the domestic news agencies, talked about the issue of the mobile phone market and the possibility of fraud in the peer-to-peer system. He claimed that in the world of technology, anything can happen. But IMEI is the most reliable technology in the world and all internal systems in Iran are optimized with this technology.

“Shahmirzaei” announced that the government has not witnessed the full capabilities of the peer system. If this capacity of the mentioned system is properly used, the consumer’s rights will be respected much better in terms of price, ensuring the authenticity of the phone, after-sales service and warranty. According to the resolution of March 22, the ministry’s after-sales service working group said:

From the beginning of next year, all importers of mobile phones will be obliged to register commercial documents for mobile phones and SIM card-compatible communication devices in the entire distribution chain to the final consumer subject to the rules. Then monitor their agents and their ranking will be done accordingly.

“Shah Mirzaei” further emphasized that all distributors should monitor the mobile phone distribution system in the coming year and make sure that the mobile phone reaches the end consumer at the final price and the approved profit. Therefore, they should create the required systems in their distribution system. They should also make sure that their end customers are fully aware of their after-sales service and rights.

The deputy minister of security confirmed that the purchase and after-sale services of mobile phones are done through the store transparency system. He stated that consumer monitoring of the ideal price and after-sales service of the phone is done through this system. Of course, changes are currently being made in the peer system, which will be available to users soon. “Shahmirzaei” mentioned the reports that the importer received cheap currency months ago, but he calculates and sells the imported phone at today’s currency price. He confirmed that in the new system, the consumer will notice the price of the imported currency of the mobile phone and the price of the final consumer as well as the mobile warranty certificate.

According to the resolution of March 22, the Deputy Ministry of Security informed that importers will be given a maximum of two more months to create the necessary systems. He noted that all distributors must obey these obligations. In case of disobeying the implemented obligations, the distributor will lose the license to enter the country.

OS customization

The Deputy Ministry of Security’s emphasis on the customization of the operating system; No violation has been found in the comprehensive warehouse system!

The deputy minister of security said about the government’s lack of work in the production of indigenous mobile phones.

The most prominent factor in the localization of knowledge and mobile phone production is the operating system, which has been assigned to the Ministry of Communications for more than ten years, based on the Supreme Council of Cyberspace.

“Shah Mirzaei” explained that the operating system is one of the most prominent basic and infrastructure services. The responsibility of the Ministry of Communications is not only telecommunication infrastructure, but also basic services and software infrastructure according to the approval of the Cyber ​​Space Council. He revealed that billions of funds have been given to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for the production of native operating system, but there is still no news about the start of its official production line.

Deputy Minister of Security emphasized that this ministry will not wait for the reaction of the Ministry of Communications. The Ministry of Security wants the importers to customize the operating system of mobile phones with the help of knowledge-based companies so that consumer rights are respected. “Shah Mirzaei” added that if the authorities want to produce native mobile phones, they should first start with the development of the native operating system.

At the end of this topic, he mentioned that the operating system of the phone is also one of the most prominent basic services. For example, in the field of notifications, one of the problems that e-commerce businesses have is the lack of access to these facilities in the operating system layer. For this reason, the Ministry of Privacy must convince mobile phone importers to customize the operating system.

At the end of the interview, “Shah Mirzaei” fueled the problem of the violation of some devices in not connecting the system to the warehouses and said that the final judgment in this regard is premature and the monitoring devices will report the result of this investigation. He confirmed that some institutions have failed to register information about their warehouses or private warehouses in the mentioned system. But this year, the 13th government has witnessed a significant increase in the registration of information of many warehouses in the aforementioned system.

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