Deputy Speaker of the Parliament: The plan for protection in cyber space is on the agenda

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament: The plan for protection in cyber space is on the agenda

In response to the warning of a member of the Joint Commission for the Protection of Cyberspace, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament announced that the plan related to the protection of cyberspace will be placed on the agenda of the Parliament.

“Mehrdad Viskarmi” said in a note in the public meeting on Tuesday that the protection plan in cyber space was approved once by the vote of the parliament in the form of Article 85. But with discussion on this issue, doubts arose and a vote was taken in the hall. Then, for the second time, Sahn voted to review the said plan in the joint commission.

According to “Viskarmi”, the Western-oriented and false speculation about the protection plan in the cyberspace led to the suspension of the joint commission’s work. Then, in a closed meeting, a random vote was taken, and the number of votes for and against this plan were very close. Finally, the subject of the said plan returned to the floor of the parliament and the commission was prevented from continuing its work.

This member of parliament pointed out that after three years of the 11th parliament, no law has been passed regarding cyber space that is a demand for leadership. He said that filtering does not wait for the legislation of the Islamic Council. This is the great weakness of the parliament, which abandoned legislation and did not make a decision about cyberspace.

The agenda of the protection plan in cyber space

The agenda of the security plan in cyberspace by the parliament; “Viskermi” seeks to make a quick decision about Iran’s Internet!

Domestic news agencies say that during Viskarmi’s speech, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament reminded him that he was supposed to speak as an opponent of the financial plan for corruption whistleblowers, and that his speech was off topic. The deputy speaker of the parliament continued that the floor of the parliament should decide on the mechanisms of the joint commission. This plan was supposed to be reviewed from June of last year, but a year has passed and there is still no news of the approval of a law on cyberspace based on the leadership’s demand.

“Viskarmi” announced that the parliament should show its revolutionary courage in line with the Internet and virtual space of the country. He emphasized that if we do not wake up with the warning of the Muslim Emir, the enemies and rioters will wake us up with kicks. Abdulreza Masri, the deputy speaker of the parliament, said in response to Viskerami’s remark:

Perhaps for more than 10 meetings, I served you and Mr. Taghipour and other friends who raised the issue for hours. You told me in the morning that this issue should not be raised in a public meeting, but now you say that it should be raised in a public meeting; God willing, we will put this project on the agenda and follow up on its work.

He emphasized that more than 10 meetings have been held regarding the review of the protection plan in cyber space and the analysis process has not stopped. The Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the Supreme National Security Council have full authority to review the said plan and the results of their work can be clearly seen. At the end of the conversation, “Masri” once again announced that this plan will be brought up again in the parliament.

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