Design a smart stent that collects blood flow data

طراحی استنت هوشمندی که داده‌های جریان خون را جمع‌آوری می‌کند

Stent Tubes are very small metal nets that can save the lives of people with heart problems because they open narrow blood vessels. Scientists have now succeeded in a new experiment using this method to wirelessly transmit data such as blood pressure To one Computer Or Mobile To use.

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology with several materials Compatible with living tissues They made a kind of implant It has printed sensors and conductive loops and acts as an antenna. Of course, the stent mentioned in this report does not contain a battery, so it cannot be charged or replaced.

How to measure blood pressure

Just like a regular stent, this implant can be surgically inserted into a blood vessel to be used to dilate and keep that vessel open to maintain blood flow.

However, this method uses external magnetic fields to wirelessly transfer energy to the stent to temporarily illuminate it. The sensors placed on the device can then transmit blood flow information in the form of a radio signal to a mobile phone or computer. After receiving and decoding this signal, scientists can have information about the inside of human blood vessels.

“Won-Hong Yu,” the lead researcher on the experiment, said:

“This electronic system provides wireless hemodynamic data, including blood pressure, Beat And the bloodstream is designed to be an external data collection system and is very small and thin. “That’s why we can use a simple catheter to transfer it anywhere in the body.”

So far, the scientists have performed their experiments with a rabbit, and after placing the device inside the vein ایلیاک It has achieved accurate results and data. Of course, they are still testing and intend to increase its accuracy.

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