Despite low sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple is developing the iPhone 13 Mini

Despite low sales of the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple is developing the iPhone 13 Mini

Apple launched the iPhone 12 Mini in late 2020, along with other phones in the series. Contrary to Apple’s expectations, this product has not been well received by buyers, but apparently this issue does not affect the Cupertino’s decision to launch the iPhone 13 mini.

According to the latest Published information According to a reliable source in the field of technology called “John Prosser”, Apple wants to unveil the iPhone 13 Mini as one of the iPhone 13 series phones in the last months of this year, although these products may come with the name of iPhone 12S.

Although the iPhone 12 series is experiencing high sales in the market, but the mini version of this series has not received much attention from buyers, and the Cupertinoites may stop producing it later this year. Despite this, Apple will probably continue to sell this smartphone.

It is possible that the Cupertinos will not unveil the new generation of the iPhone SE this year in order not to damage the sales of the iPhone 12 mini, although some reports point to the introduction of the iPhone SE Plus in 2021.

According to reports, the iPhone 12 Mini’s share of iPhone 12 Series sales is only 5%, and despite such small sales, Apple apparently remains committed to the Mini Series. If the Cupertinos want to launch the iPhone 13 Mini, we’ll probably see a lot of changes to get more users to buy it.

It seems that besides Apple, other companies also want to introduce a smaller version of their flagships. According to reports, this year we will face the new generation of Sony Xperia Compact and even Zenfone Mini, so companies are hoping for this part of the market. We’ll have to wait and see if Apple can increase sales of its small flagship or fail other manufacturers with the iPhone 13 Mini.

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