Detection of radio signals from a galaxy 3 billion light-years from Earth

شناسایی سیگنال رادیویی از کهکشانی به فاصله 3 میلیارد سال نوری از زمین

Chinese astronomers have reported the discovery of a radio signal apparently from a distant galaxy 3 Billion light years Relative to the earth, created. Although the source of this signal has not yet been determined, researchers believe it could be linked to alien life and space in other galaxies.

Scientists in China have reportedly used a five-meter spherical telescope (FAST), known as the world’s largest radio telescope, as a fast active radio explosion.FRB) That could be a message from strangers. According to Global Times reportThis new signal that was first discovered in 2019, is called FRB190520B and in one Dwarf Galaxy has been identified.

Signs of space?

Rapid radio explosions are very short flashes and sparks of radio frequency that do not last more than a few milliseconds. Another FRB, called FRB121102A, was detected in 2016 by the Arecibo Radio Telescope. Although their original origin is unknown, researchers have identified the explosions as evidence of Alien life They have learned.

The new blast, or FRB190520B, has the highest peripheral electron density of any FRB and, according to the researchers, shows reliable explosive behavior. They also detected four explosions during the first 24 seconds.

The lead researcher of this study, named “Lee Di” explains:

“We illustrate that FRB121102A and FRB190520B are the first stage of an evolving class of FRBs. “There will probably be a reasonable description of the origin and evolution of FRBs in the next few years.”

“Astronomy is a common task for all of humanity, and the FAST telescope is used by international scientists from places like the United States, Europe and Australia,” Lee said.

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