Determining the release date of the Exoprimal game; Users access to the beta version of the game next week

Determining the release date of the Exoprimal game;  Users access to the beta version of the game next week

During the Capcom Spotlight conference, Capcom announced the release date of Exoprimal.

During the Capcom Spotlight conference, Capcom shared some interesting information about its long-awaited titles for the gaming community. One of the expected titles of this company is undoubtedly the Exoprimal game. Capcom released a new trailer for Exoprimal during its conference, showing the game’s release date. In this trailer, new dinosaurs were introduced, followed by information on the pre-order start date, Capcom’s requirements, and the beta version. You can watch the new Exoprimal trailer below:

In the new Exoprimal game trailer, scenes from the game’s gameplay were shown in which the players seem to travel through different times. For example, players can take control of Ace in the year 2400 before the startovator falls. Also, in a different timeline, Officer Lorenzo sees another version of himself in the cutscenes of the game.

Exoprimal beta release date

Exoprimal was previously rumored to launch in July 2023. Now this rumor has come true and this game is in history July 14, 2023 (July 23, 1402) It is available to users. Capcom has three different pre-order versions of Exoprimal. By pre-purchasing the original version, users can get three unique skins named WitchDoctor, Roadbloack and Deadeye. Also, if users pre-purchase the Delux Edition version, in addition to the above contents, they will enjoy a special Battle Pass mode. Exoprimal’s post-game battle mode is supposed to be remarkably similar to Fortnite’s post-game battle

But the surprising news of the “Capcom” company is the unveiling of the beta version of the Exoprimal game, which will be released next week. Beta version of Exoprimal game from history March 17 to March 23 (March 27 to April 3, 1402) will be available. Users must have a valid Capcom account and a verified platform to access the beta version of the game. Users can get more information to synchronize the beta version with their region of residence Exoprimal official website refer to

Exoprimal game release date

Capcom has yet to release information about expansion packs and updates for Exoprimal. Exoprimal game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (from It is released through Windows 10 and the Steam platform. It should be noted that this game will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers at the time of release.

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