Development of 3D living ink that can enable the construction of self-healing structures

توسعه جوهر زنده سه بعدی که می‌تواند ساخت سازه‌های خودترمیم‌شونده را ممکن کند

Scientists have come up with new ideas to create an substance that is practically a living organism. Not only can this ink be produced spontaneously, but it can also be repaired and can be the best material for printing and building permanent homes on Earth or other planets.

A team of researchers at Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have developed a living ink that can be used to print living materials. This group in an article in the journal Nature Communications Published, it explains how it made this ink and what applications it has for it.

Microscopic image of live nanofibers

Researchers in this study have used a new approach to the use of living materials in various matters, including the construction of medical devices. They have engineered the bacterium Escherichia coli to create a product that can be used as a base for living ink used in 3D printers.

This process began with the bioengineering of Escherichia Kelly batteries to make living nanofibers. The researchers then removed the fibers and combined some other materials to create a living ink. When they realized that the result was successful, they turned to bioengineering other microbes to make other fibers and living materials and add them to the ink. Finally, this ink was used to print attractive 3D objects that had living components.

Development of 3D living ink that can enable the construction Development of 3D living ink that can enable the construction of self-healing structures 2
Schematic of design, production and practical use of microbial ink

One of the applications of this mechanism was in the production of “azurine” as an anti-cancer drug that is activated in response to certain chemicals. The next use was in the separation of bisphenol A without the need for any chemicals or other devices. Bisphenol A is a toxic substance that has been introduced into the environment.

Researchers believe that with this idea, materials can be made that can be made by themselves. In addition, it seems that it is possible to use this technique to print renewable materials, materials that can not only grow on their own, but are also able to heal themselves. Therefore, this mechanism can be used to build stable houses on Earth, the moon or other planets, including Mars.

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