Development of a “robotic nose” that mimics cancer by imitating dogs

Development of a "robotic nose" that mimics cancer by imitating dogs

Trained dogs can detect some of the most dangerous cancers and diseases only with their nose. Now a team of researchers has used this method to create a “robotic nose” that can mimic this process to diagnose diseases more quickly in the future.

Recent research It was conducted by researchers at MIT, along with several other organizations, including the British charity Medical Detection Dogs. The charity’s dogs can smell some cancers by training them, however their training takes time and researchers want to use electronic devices and artificial intelligence to achieve faster results.

The results of this study show that trained dogs can correctly diagnose up to 71% of prostate cancer and also reject negative specimens. In addition, they can detect other prostate diseases.

Researchers’ robotic noses mimic the process of dogs sniffing and can detect such diseases thanks to an electronic device. According to One of MIT’s authors and researchers, Dr. Andris Morshin, may one day offer such a feature as an app:

“Imagine the day when your smartphone could warn you of the risk of prostate cancer, and it would do so several years before doctors diagnose it using elevated levels of ‘prostate specific antigen’ (PSA).”

Researchers have been working on the device for the past several years, which has now become a small detector. The collected data can be analyzed in real time thanks to the capabilities of smartphones.

According to Morshin, this detection system is up to 200 times more sensitive to the nose of trained dogs in tracking and identifying different molecules. However, it has been combined with artificial intelligence to perform well.

Researchers’ efforts have reached a critical stage and they are continuing to develop such a product so that it can be used clinically.

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