Development of a sensor that can examine everything in molecular dimensions

توسعه سنسوری که می‌تواند همه چیز را در ابعاد مولکولی بررسی کند

Scientists were able to produce a sensor that could detect everything in molecular dimensions. This technology can detect explosives, deadly viruses and narcotics when entering countries. With this technology, they were able to detect materials in parts per quadrillion (ppq) that is actually the size of a molecule.

This Sensors Because they are small and powerful, they can have different uses. A large part of this project is supported by the US Department of Security, which can use this technology to detect injuries to soldiers and suicide bombers.

About two years ago, there was a technology called “digital dog nose” that was the size of a toolbox and could detect anything instead of a dog. Scientists now claim that this new sensor could have more capabilities and a much smaller size than the previous technology.

By reducing the thermal storage of these sensors, the scientists were able to reduce the amount of energy required to use the sensor. At first they reduced this amount to a few grams and now to only a few micrograms. The battery used for such small devices should also be small. In collaboration with the company, they were able to produce very thin lithium batteries the size of a piece of paper to be used in this device.

After 10 years of trying to build small and light sensors, they can now be used in drones and have many more applications. The research team is also building an array of these sensors to differentiate hazards and help better identify them.

This technology has been tested several times by the US Navy Research Laboratory and has been able to perform all the steps correctly and identify the desired materials with high accuracy. Now that the use of these sensors has been determined, all that remains is to find a customer and mass-produce this product.

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