Development of a small device that detects different species of corona in minutes

Development of a small device that detects different species of corona in minutes

Researchers have developed a small device called NIRVANA that can test the coronavirus, influenza and other viruses in minutes. This screening method does not require expensive infrastructure and performs two or three screening tests simultaneously.

The small, portable NIRVANA lab can easily catch the corona virus from the flu Recognize And provides valuable information about mutant types of coronavirus during testing. “Juan Carlos Izpisova Belmonte,” a professor at Salk Gene Expression Laboratory, said of the screening method:

“This method of diagnosis and screening does not require expensive infrastructure and can do something that normally requires two or three different tests.”

Worldwide, more than 100 million people have been infected with the corona virus, and millions have died from the disease. Screening tests help to stop the epidemic cycle. One of the standard methods for screening for the coronavirus is sampling the patient’s nose. PCR testing is one of the methods used to screen patients with coronary artery worldwide over the past year.

Since last year, the study of faster, cheaper and simpler methods of diagnosis of Covid-19 has attracted the attention of experts. Researchers claim that this small device can screen 96 samples simultaneously. After 15 minutes, the small device presents the results and within 3 hours, the results of all 96 samples will be determined.

Due to the small size and portability of NIRVANA, researchers say, it can be used to quickly detect the virus in schools, airports or ports.

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