Development of an implantable artificial kidney in the body that eliminates the need for dialysis

توسعه کلیه مصنوعی قابل کاشت در بدن که نیاز به دیالیز را از بین می‌برد

Researchers have successfully developed a prototype of a bio-artificial kidney that can be implanted in the body and works without the need for medicine. This method can eliminate the need for dialysis in kidney patients and eliminate the risk of kidney transplant regression.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Kidney have made Which can be performed in the body to perform the main activities of the real kidney. This device consists of two main parts. The blood filter, which consists of silicon semiconductor shells that remove waste products from the blood, and the bioreactor, which contains renal tubular cells that regulate water volume, electrolyte balance, and other metabolic functions. The shells of this device also protect the cells against the attacks of the immune system.

In previous experiments, researchers have been able to use different parts of the device separately, but this is the first time that the entire system has functioned as a device (kidney). The bio-artificial kidney connects to the patient’s two main arteries and bladder to excrete waste products through the urine.

Researchers have proven that their artificial kidneys work at normal blood pressure and do not require pumping or external force. The renal tubular cells remained intact during these tests.

UCSF researchers have received a $ 650,000 reward from KidneyX for this success and being selected as one of the winners of the Phase 1 Artificial Kidney Prize. “Our team has engineered a type of artificial kidney that can play the role of a natural kidney in a sustainable way and not cause the immune system to react,” says Shu Roy, the project’s lead researcher. “Now that we have demonstrated the achievement of combining a blood filter and a Risti reactor, we can step up our work to broader preclinical trials and eventually reach the clinical trial stage.”

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