Development of the world’s first blood test to determine the effectiveness of cancer treatment in 24 hours

توسعه اولین آزمایش خون جهان که اثربخشی درمان سرطان را در ۲۴ ساعت مشخص می‌کند

Finding the best and most effective treatment in the early stages of cancer is extremely important, and now, for the first time, a new blood test can help doctors achieve this.

Scientists recently to New method of blood analysis They have been able to tell them within 24 hours whether a treatment has affected tumor growth. This technique allows doctors to change the treatment method in a short time.

This method, called ExoSCOPE, examines the “extracellular vesicle” (EV) in the blood. Extracellular vesicles are tiny particles that are released by cells. In this technique, drug-associated cancer cells secrete EV, in which traces of the drug are found.

Doctors can now understand how treatments work for cancerous tumors, but they need to image the tumor, which is not only expensive but also time consuming. In fact, doctors can realize the effectiveness of a treatment after several weeks.

With the new method, the effectiveness of a treatment can be found up to 24 hours after starting, which significantly reduces the cost and time of monitoring cancer treatment.

Extracellular vesicles are at least 100 times smaller than the diameter of human hair and cannot be viewed with standard microscopes, however they can be monitored with a special sensor.

The ExoSCOPE system can detect the drug reaching its target in the body with a complex analysis of light signals collected by a blood sample. This method can also monitor the performance of the drug over time.

According to scientists, this method requires a small volume of blood, each of which is taken from patients in less than an hour, so despite obtaining more information, it harms the patient less and is less invasive.

In a clinical trial of 106 patients with lung cancer, this method was able to detect the effectiveness of the drug with 95% accuracy, which, although not different from the current standard methods, but does so in a much shorter time.

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