Digikala and the United Nations Development Program in Iran work together to improve the livelihoods of Urmia Lake Basin residents

دیجی‌کالا و برنامه توسعه ملل متحد در ایران برای بهبود معیشت ساکنان حوضه دریاچه ارومیه همکاری می‌کنند

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) In Iran and Digi-Kala To improve the livelihood of residents Urmia Lake Basin They work together. The Urmia Lake Basin is home to about 5 million people, most of whom depend on agriculture and natural resources. The scheme promotes diversity in home-based businesses and green jobs.

The agreement between the United Nations Development Program and Digitala – one of the main digital business platforms in Iran – began in mid-December 1400. Project “Green and digital” Aiming to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable communities Especially women producers Designed and designed to bring skills, products and access to them Digital markets Promote markets that can be a place to display, promote and sell products that are responsibly cultivated and produced.

The “Green and Digital” project’s rooted in one of the oldest UNDP projects in Iran is the Iran Wetlands Conservation Project, a joint venture between the Iran Environmental Protection Agency, the World Environment Facility, the Government and the people of Japan, and the United Nations Development Program. in Iran. In addition to promoting environmental sustainability, Green & Digital serves as a platform to meet the need for access to digital markets and improve the livelihoods of local communities.

This initiative pursues two goals simultaneously; Creating diversity among buyers of local products and introducing fair and environmentally friendly trade to consumers. In the long run, Green & Digital seeks to attract the sustainable participation of other e-commerce players and expand the market capacity to sell local products, thereby promoting environmentally friendly products that are responsibly produced. .

Hamid Mohammadi, CEO of Digikala, referring to the cooperation, said:

«Economic sustainabilityIs a condition for the continuation of projects that have taken place in recent years with the aim of creating sustainable jobs environment lover It has been implemented within the framework of the plan for the protection of wetlands in Iran. We are responsible for this national issue, not only Digikala but also other online business platforms to provide the right environment to buy and sell green products around the lake and to support these businesses. Many Iranian citizens are concerned about Lake Urmia and its environmental issues, and we are able to provide the right conditions and path for these citizens to support the green businesses around the lake. “This project can be the beginning of a way for national technology companies to connect well with local communities to use technology potential to achieve a equitable, participatory and environmentally sound economic cycle.”

“Utilizing the potential of the digital and innovation spheres for development is one of the main priorities of the United Nations Development Program in Iran,” said Claudio Providas, UNDP Resident Representative in Iran. “This initiative is in line with our strategy for the post-Covid 19 recovery period and Iran’s national development priorities.”

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