Digito Documentary: Is Time Travel Possible?

Digito Documentary: Is Time Travel Possible?

Have you ever wondered if you could travel to the past or the future if you could travel in time? We are sure of history and we know that we are not going to face anything unexpected. We know that if we travel back in time, we will see events that we have read about. But there is no guarantee for the future. What we may encounter is a question that no one can answer with certainty. But before we think about these possibilities, let’s answer a more important question. What do we need to travel in time?

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In fact, if we were given a time machine, we would have a difficult choice. Time travel has always been one of man’s greatest dreams. There are many videos all over the internet that try to find evidence of people who have been able to do this by magnifying old pictures or videos. Some of the signs we see in these videos or pictures are really suspicious. In a way that makes us believe that time travel is possible and some have done so before.

But before we look for clues, it is good to know that traveling to the past is different from traveling to the extraordinary future. Given all the contradictions that have been raised, it seems unlikely that one day we will be able to travel back in time. But a journey into the future is scientifically possible. To do this we need to reach the speed of light in a vacuum. But is it possible to reach this speed? Join us to answer you.

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