Disappointing start for the PC version of Returnal on Steam in its first week of release

Disappointing start for the PC version of Returnal on Steam in its first week of release

The PC version of Returnal has just been released, and according to the latest news, it seems that the third-person shooter game will be released in the first week of its release. Statistics of less than 7000 gamers on Steam Achieving a disappointing number for its sales. The only Sony game that performed worse than Returnal is Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which managed to attract a maximum of 610 players.

Other Sony ported games for PC have performed better and in this regard, God Of War with 74,000, Marvel’s Spider-Man with nearly 66,000 gamers and Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone with 56,000 and 28,000 gamers respectively. Returnal was made available on Steam for PC earlier this week and is currently the 165th most played game on Steam in the last 24 hours, according to the latest news.

However, some of Sony’s bigger game series, such as Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection, failed to make much noise in the PC version, and Uncharted for PC in its first week, due to its larger franchise than Returnal, managed to have 10,851 players. reach

Returnal steam sales

However, Returnal’s sales numbers for PlayStation appear to be high despite Steam, with Sony claiming in June 2021 that the game sold nearly 560,000 copies for PS5 in its first two months of release. After months of speculation about the fate of the PC version, the release of the PC version of this game has finally been confirmed in December 2022 and is now available.

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