Disclosure of images of Microsoft’s “Xbox Streambox” prototype

افشای تصاویر نمونه اولیه «ایکس باکس استریم باکس» مایکروسافت

Microsoft plans to make its Xbox GamePas service available on more platforms, including TVs. Details and images of the “Xbox Streambox” prototype, which makes the console’s games available on TV, have now been released.

Last month, Xbox announced it was working with TV makers to provide its console experience for Internet-connected TVs without the need for any hardware other than a controller. This project allows users to access the company’s gaming service called xCloud on their TVs.

There is another option for TVs that are not connected to the Internet, and Microsoft is designing a device that connects to users’ external TVs or monitors and allows them to access xCloud. Images of the device have now been leaked under the name “Xbox Stream Box”, which, of course, can not be officially confirmed.

These pictures are named by a Twitter user PostUp_bbb Have been published that are not expected to be their main source.

In these images, the device is seen as a cube with sharp corners and a white body with the Xbox logo in the upper left corner. There’s a USB-A port on the front and a power button, and on the back there’s an Ethernet port, USB-C, most likely a charging port and HDMI.

The third image published explains some of the features of the device. According to the documentation provided, the prototype dates back to earlier this year and its design has been modified. It is also said that the device will be available by the end of this year, but due to the global shortage of chips, this seems unlikely.

X Box

The Xbox Streambox will be small. In addition to the Xbox controller, users can also connect their wireless keyboard and mouse to it.

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