Disclosure of key specifications of Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro

افشای مشخصات کلیدی شیائومی 12S و 12S پرو

Reports indicate that Xiaomi Working on 12S Series And these products include two versions 12S And 12S Pro It becomes. But now the specifications of two new Xiaomi phones have reached the internet, which are said to be the same as the 12S series products.

According to the account announcement Digital Chat Station, The market will soon host flagship phones with smaller screens. One of these phones, which is apparently the 12S, has a display with curved corners and image resolution + FHD Will be the refresh rate 120 Hz has it.

Triple 12S main camera equipped with a main lens 50 megapixels It is said to have a hardware-level algorithm that enhances the photography experience.

Possible specifications of Xiaomi 12S series

It should be noted that the larger relative of this anonymous smartphone is probably the same as Xiaomi 12S Pro Is equipped with 2K display And in general in the field of display more optimizations have been done on it, also this model like 12S from Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Plus chip Will benefit.

However, according to another report, the 12S Pro may be launched with two different chips, one of which will probably have a Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Plus chip and the other a chip. Dimension 9000 Will be equipped.

Thus, the 12S Pro seems to be the first Xiaomi flagship phone to be made from chips MediaTek Will use.

In the end it should be noted that in addition to these cases, recently 3 Xiaomi new phone with model number 2203121C And 226123SC Along with 2206122SC Failed to obtain a license CMIIT Which means getting a sales license in China.

The numbers of the mentioned models are expected to belong to the handsets, respectively Xiaomi 12 Ultra And 12S Along with 12S Pro To be.

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