Disclosure of the first details of Intel 4 lithography; 20% higher speed without increasing energy consumption

افشای اولین جزئیات از لیتوگرافی اینتل 4؛ 20 درصد سرعت بالاتر بدون افزایش مصرف انرژی

New reports say that lithography Intel 4 With the same energy consumption than the current process 7, it can be more than 20% faster. If such a claim is true, it can be expected that the frequency of flagship processors in the future will be 6 GHz Reach.

A Twitter user recently revealed a few slides from the upcoming Intel conference at the IEEE VLSI Symposium 2022, but his tweet was deleted a few hours later. According to published reportsThese slides show the details of the new Intel 4 lithograph and also have an image of an unannounced processor called Meteor Lake-P.

Advantages of Intel 4 lithography over the previous generation

Intel claims that this technology can deliver up to twice as much performance and performance as the Intel 7 processor used in current Alder Lake processors. The new node is also compatible with the company’s EMIB and Foveros packaging technologies and uses EUV lithography.

Most importantly, Intel intends its new node, at least 20 Higher clock speeds with the same power consumption as the Intel 7, however, future flagship desktop processors could benefit from a maximum speed of 6 GHz.

The image below summarizes some of the scaling improvements of Intel 4 over Intel 7:


The Intel 4 process will be ready for production in the second half of 2022. It is also said that this knot to build چیپلت‌ها (Chiplet) used in data center servers will also be used.

As stated in the Intel processor roadmap for 2025, the company expects to launch its 14th generation Meteor Lake processors by the end of 2023. The thirteenth generation called Raptor Lake will also be introduced this year.

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