Disclosure of Xiaomi 12 Ultra frame images that confirm the different design of the camera

افشای تصاویر قاب شیائومی 12 اولترا که طراحی متفاوت دوربین آن را تایید می‌کنند

Many are waiting for the unveiling of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra; The flagship is equipped with the first generation Snapdragon 8 Plus chip. Now, pictures have been published by a phone case manufacturer that show the design of the back panel of this device, as well as the different design of its camera.

These photos are from a Chinese user on a social network ویبو It has been found that this person himself apparently posted the mentioned images while browsing sites such as JD.com And Taobao Has found. This information is for the Xiaomi 12 Ultra and is recognized by a frame manufacturer China it is registered.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra design

These images show Xiaomi’s future flagship frame inspired by Porsche Designed and has vertical lines with the phrase Purecar Design Which is clearly an obvious imitation of the phrase Porsche Design Used in the golden age of flagships Huawei Are.

It should be noted that these frames are in two colors Black Midnight And Green jade Will be offered.

Despite all of the above, the design language of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra frame is not the main issue, but its existence 7 حفره It is dedicated to the camera module in this frame, which looks interesting.

The presence of this number of holes in the camera section could indicate that Xiaomi has finally reached a final conclusion regarding the layout and number of rear cameras, and subsequently sent models to frame manufacturers to begin production. This is still the case with the Xiaomi 12 Ultra release schedule this month, but there is no guarantee yet.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this model is probably Xiaomi’s first flagship chip Snapdragon 8 Plus 1st generation It will also have a display 6.6 inches 2K Old Also be.

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