Discord support for AV1 streaming on RTX 40 cards

Discord support for AV1 streaming on RTX 40 cards

More and more software and platforms are adding AV1 video codec support for modern graphics architectures every day, but all of them are limited to recording AV1 content. The real revolution of the AV1 codec will happen when major streaming platforms add support for it and this format becomes universal. Discord It is the first streaming platform to enable AV1 codec support for streaming on RTX 40 graphics cards.

Discord support for AV1 streaming

As we said, Discord is the first major streaming platform to support AV1 streaming on Nvidia’s new graphics cards. This news was announced by “Gerardo Delgado” from Nvidia and as said, Discord with this codec can stream 4K60 content with a bandwidth of 8 Mbps.

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Most importantly, AV1 codec support for streaming does not limit streaming viewers to this codec. As long as AV1 decoding is supported for viewers, the content will be played on the same codec without codec conversion for them. If streamers cannot support the AV1 codec, the stream will be displayed to them in the H.264 codec, a familiar 20-year old codec supported by all devices.

Until this moment, there is no news about other graphics architectures supporting the AV1 codec. Currently, only AMD’s RDNA 2+ graphics cards and Intel’s Arc Alchemist support the AV1 codec operationally, but most likely the Discord team will first test this feature in a limited way and then release it globally.

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