Discover a new molecule that can kill even the deadliest cancer

کشف مولکول جدیدی که می‌تواند کشنده‌ترین سرطان را هم نابود کند

the doctor “Jung Mu AnThe University of Texas has developed a new compound that has the ability to kill a range of cancerous tumors, such as breast cancer, that are difficult to treat.

It is worth mentioning that the mentioned experiment was performed in both cases of cells isolated from human cancer tissue as well as human cancer tissue grown in the body of laboratory mice. Its article Also recently published.

Dr. Jong Mu An

New hope for cancer treatment

Dr. Jung Moo it for over 10 years He was researching the construction of a molecule that could target proteins and protein-cell interactions in the treatment of cancer. During her current research, she was able to produce a substance that contains breast cancer cells due to its effect on Estrogen receptors (ER) Or without them, ERX-41 Is named.

There are currently effective treatments for estrogen receptor-induced breast cancers, but still for the treatment of “Negative triple breast cancer»(TNBCThere are not many options available because this type of tumor does not have any receptors for Estrogen، Progesterone And “Receptor No. 2 Epidermal Growth Factor” Is.

According to Dr. Anne, the advantage of ERX-41 is that it does not work on healthy cells during the treatment process and only kills cancer cells, whether they have estrogen receptors or not. However, the research question was, if this substance does not target estrogen receptors in TNBC cells, then what does it attack?

Discover new treatments for several types of cancer

The scientists then discovered that ERX-41 is a cellular protein called lysosomal acid lipase A (LIPA) Is connected. This protein Lipa In the part of the cell structure that Endoplasmic reticulum It is called an organ, which is responsible for making and paying for proteins.

A tumor then needs to produce large amounts of protein to grow rapidly, which puts pressure on the endoplasmic reticulum, causing cancer cells to overproduce lipid protein compared to healthy cells.

Ultimately, this is where ERX-41 comes into play, blocking the production of excess lipid protein by endoplasmic reticulum occlusion, thereby destroying the patient’s cell.

It should also be noted at the end that these studies have yielded positive results in human and non-human samples, but the promising point is the effect of this treatment on other types of cancers that are related to endoplasmic reticulum and include cases such as Pancreatic cancer، Ovary It also becomes the most invasive type of brain cancer.

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