Discover a whole new kind of magnetic wave coming out of the Earth’s core

کشف نوع کاملا جدیدی از امواج مغناطیسی که از هسته زمین بیرون می‌آید

Scientists have recently discovered a whole new kind of magnetic wave that comes out of the Earth’s outer core every seven years and affects our planet’s magnetic field. These waves «Magnet-CoriolisThey are named because they move along the axis of rotation of the earth.

Scientists say magnetic-Coriolis waves are just like the Coriolis effect in tall columns of East to West They move and can travel 1,500 kilometers each year. A team of researchers using European Space Agency satellites These waves are in the outermost layer of the Earth’s liquid core, where the liquid nucleus reaches the solid part. Identified. This point is 2900 km underground.

According to researchers, the presence of these waves can cause cryptic fluctuations Magnetic field Explain the planet, the oscillations caused by the movement of liquid iron in the outer core of the planet. Satellite measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field over the past 20 years show that the strength of this field is approximately Once every seven years Because of these waves it goes down.

“Geophysicists have long theorized about the existence of these waves, but it was thought that the time period for their emergence was Much more Be of this number. “Our research shows that there may be similar waves that take longer to appear, but their detection requires more research.”

How was the discovery of these magnetic waves done?

Scientists to do more research 20 years Examined data from the Earth’s magnetic field from 1999 to 2021. They simulate data from three European Space Agency satellites with ground-based sensors and computer models. Geodynamics And discovered magnetic-Coriolis waves for the first time.

It is not clear exactly where these waves are coming from, but Gillette speculatesDefects inside the Earth’s core Created them. The Earth’s outer core is a sphere of molten iron that is constantly moving and rotating. The flow of this electrically conductive swirling fluid is said to have formed the Earth’s magnetic field. This field even extends for hundreds of kilometers in space around the Earth and protects the planet.

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