Discover more than 100 new asteroids using scientists’ latest algorithm

کشف بیش از 100 سیارک جدید با استفاده از الگوریتم تازه دانشمندان

Researchers employing one Algorithm New to read older data Telescopes failed to detect more than 100 asteroids They have just been hidden in the archive of recorded images from space.

Asteroids are wandering objects and are generally rocks that have been around since the formation of the solar system, ie more than 4 billion They were left last year. They range in size from a few meters to several kilometers, yet are too small to fit in the category of planets.

It must be said that this 104 asteroid The newly discovered also uses a new algorithm called «Solar orbital recovery without detector” Or Tracklet-less Heliocentric Orbit Recovery (THORHave been identified as part of a cloud-based platform project.Identify, survey and map asteroids»(ADAM) Are.

How the THOR algorithm works to identify a new planet

According to Statement From the foundation B612 Sponsoring the project and other research and technology related to mapping and navigation in the solar system, the algorithm to identify a new asteroid and calculate its trajectory, the light points in various images recorded from the sky that match the asteroid orbits Connects to each other.

Also according to «Ed LuRetired astronaut and CEO Steroid Institute As part of the B612 Foundation program, the implementation of the THOR algorithm on the ADAM platform allows any archived telescope to become a tool for searching for new asteroids.

Thus, the project not only uses a huge computing power to prepare existing telescopes for further discoveries, but can also identify asteroids hidden in historical images recorded from the sky.

Discover more than 100 asteroids using the new algorithm

It should be noted that 104 newly discovered asteroids of this project are also from historical data NOIRLab Obtained to include 68 billion Observation done between years 2012 until the 2019 By “National Observatory of Optical Astronomy” have been.

The data were first analyzed by the THOR algorithm implemented on the ADAM platform, a process whose processing power by Google Cloud Is provided, after identification, we enter the current stage that the asteroids discovered in the turn of confirmation «International Center for the Study of Planets»Are.

In the end, this research and the THOR algorithm have opened a new window into our understanding of how the planets of the solar system are formed, and these future studies are set to answer many questions in this area.

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