Discover new malware for Android with full control of the victim’s mobile

Discover new malware for Android with full control of the victim's mobile

Researchers have discovered advanced malware for Android that finds sensitive phone information and sends it to hackers’ servers.

Zimperium Security Company Says The new malware masks a system update that must be downloaded from a third-party app store, but is actually a remote control trojan that executes commands from a central server.

This malware provides a comprehensive spy platform for hackers and some of its features are as follows:

  • Stealing messenger messaging apps
  • Spy on bookmarks and searches for Chrome, Firefox and Samsung web browsers
  • Spy on pdf, doc, docx, xls and xlsx files
  • Spy on the contents of notifications
  • Record voice and calls
  • Shooting with front and rear camera
  • Prepare a list of installed apps
  • Stealing pictures and videos
  • Location monitoring
  • Steal contact list and call history
  • Extract phone information (installed applications, device name, memory status, etc.)

WhatsApp is one of the most vulnerable messengers and if the malware gets root access to the phone, it will access the messaging database. Hackers can gain root access to phones running older versions of Android.

An image of this malware covering itself with a system update.

If the malware does not have root access, it will be able to save conversations and details of WhatsApp messages by tricking the user into activating the Android accessibility feature. Once enabled, malware can steal WhatsApp content.

Stealing files stored on external memory is another feature of this malware. This malware steals thumbnails in order to reduce bandwidth consumption and make the user unsuspecting. When the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, the malware sends stolen data from all folders to the hacker, but when the SIM card internet is active, the malware sends a small amount of information.

This malware has two major drawbacks: First, it must be downloaded from a third-party application store. Most users choose the Google Play Store as a reliable source for downloading apps. The second disadvantage is the requirement to enable Accessibility, which is usually not enabled by professional users for no reason.

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