Discover small canals in the skull that can play an important role in maintaining brain safety

کشف کانال‌های کوچک در جمجمه که می‌توانند نقش مهمی در حفظ ایمنی مغز ایفا کنند

Researchers have developed a collection of tiny ducts Skulls of mice And Human beings These small passages (at least in mice) have been found to represent an unexpected source of Brain immune system are.

Scientists have previously speculated that the immune system communicates with the brain by bypassing a type of nerve gate, or more accurately, the barrier that separates blood vessels from sensitive nerve tissue.

New research has shown that the immune system does not need to rotate its bite around its head, and that immune cells inside the skull seem to have much more direct access.

It also now appears to be a two-way street. Because not only do immune cells flow through these ducts in the brain, but also CSF It can also flow through the skull.

How do these cranial ducts work?

Therefore reports, Scientists liken the operation of this structure to a pit stop. In this case, as the cerebrospinal fluid flows into the cranial ducts, potential threats are carefully made by the cells. bone marrow Are observed.

Continue if one Pathogen (PathogenThe bone marrow is activated to produce immune cells to fight the pathogen. It should be noted that the injection Fluorescence detector (LuminescentIn the cerebrospinal fluid of mice, it clearly shows the movement of this fluid from the cranial ducts to the bone marrow. (Image below)

Discovery of tiny ducts in the human skull

Scientists in their experiments with injections Meningitis bacteria In mice with swelling in the meninges, they observed that the infection circulated inside the cerebrospinal fluid, then the bacteria and fluid invaded the brain through the tiny ducts of the skull and activated the immune system.

Only one hour after the test 99 percent Stem cells in the skull bone marrow antibody Were connected and in other words the healing process had begun. In fact, the brain requested help through this system.

Finally, it should be said that with the progress in the study of this part of the brain’s immune system, it is possible to fight diseases such as Dementia Or Alzheimer Payment, although scientists already need more research on human specimens.

Of course scientists are already doing so Micro-CT scanHave seen similar small ducts in the human skull, each about 1.5 mm They have diameters, but whether the skull ducts of humans and mice function in the same way remains unclear and requires further research.

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