Discovery of water vapor on Jupiter’s European moon; This steam is present in only one hemisphere

کشف بخار آب در قمر اروپای مشتری؛ این بخار تنها در یک نیمکره وجود دارد

One of the places in the solar system that researchers hope to have life on is the planets of the planets, especially Jupiter’s European moon. Now new evidence from the Hubble Space Telescope it shows In the European atmosphere, there is a stable water vapor that arises from the sublimation of ice on the surface of the sphere. But water vapor only exists in one European hemisphere, and the cause is still unknown.

There is likely to be a liquid ocean beneath the icy surface of Europe, containing microbial life. Recent discoveries show that there are now two sources for the existence of life, which raises the possibility of its existence. In a recent study, researchers looked at Hubble data from the European moon from 1999 to 2015 and found a steady presence of water vapor in much of the moon.

This steam exists only in the rear hemisphere of Europe, a hemisphere that is in the opposite direction of Europe moving around Jupiter. The researchers used a similar method to find water vapor on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Evidence of water vapor in Ganymede and the rear hemisphere of Europe enhances our knowledge of the icy moon atmosphere. However, the presence of water vapor in Europe was more exciting than its discovery on Ganymede, because Europe’s surface temperature is lower than Ganymede, and the sublimation of water on such a planet seems strange.

The researchers found that even at minus 162 degrees Celsius in Europe, ice still sublimates in the sun. However, the presence of water vapor only in the rear hemisphere of Europe is the strangest part of this and there is still no answer.

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