Dismissal of employees of several departments of the company Riot Games

Dismissal of employees of several departments of the company Riot Games

Riot Games has laid off 46 employees amid an ongoing wave of layoffs in the gaming industry.

According to published reports, Riot Games, the maker of popular titles such as League of Legends and Valorant, has laid off employees in several departments. Jacob Wolf, sports reporter for Riot Games, was the first to report the layoffs at the company on Wednesday. According to Jacob Wolf, Riot Games has laid off talent acquisition, recruiting, publishing, as well as several esports and support employees. The company has approximately 4,500 employees worldwide.

Dismissal of employees from Riot Games company

In a statement to the Jacob Wolf Report website, a Riot Games representative described the layoffs as part of the “normal course of business”:

Riot Games implemented strategic changes in several groups to increase focus in certain areas. With these changes, some specific tasks were removed and, in total, affected 46 Riot members.

This is part of our normal business process; We periodically make changes to our structure and groups based on our beliefs. The purpose of this work is to provide the best content and experiences to the players. We never make decisions lightly. We always start from where we intend to keep the employees of this company and put them in the highest priorities of the company. You must accept that it is not always possible to retain all employees.

The wave of layoffs in the computer game industry continues!

Riot Games also noted that it is looking to hire new recruits and plans to list more than 150 job openings on its official website. Riot Games’ layoffs come amid a wave of layoffs in the tech and media worlds that continue to affect the gaming industry. Earlier this week, game engine maker Unity laid off more than 200 employees. Yesterday, the Microsoft cloud company laid off 10,000 workers from studios The Coalition, Bethesda and 343 Industries.

“Amazon” fired 18,000 of its employees in the midst of this wave. Today, Fandom Media laid off between 40 and 50 employees, including editorial staff at Giant Bomb and Gamespot, after just a few months of taking over the sites.

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