Disney’s new robot skater can backflip

Disney's new robot skater can backflip

Disney is not as well known in the field of robotics as Boston Dynamics. Because the production of robots is not one of the main goals of this company and they mainly make robots for fun. now Disney from a new skater robot It has revealed that it can backfire. The robot was showcased at SXSW 2023 during Disney Parks President Josh Damaro’s “Art & Science of Storytelling” presentation along with Disney Senior Engineers Morgan Pope and Tony Dohey.

The Disney team talked about the company’s efforts to create dynamic robots that can perform different tasks. One of these robots can be thrown 65 feet (20 meters) into the air while kicking. Another is similar to a lander that can be released from the same height without a safety net and land on the ground without problems.

Disney robot skater

Disney robot skater

The next robot unveiled at the event gave a longer demonstration. The robot looked like Judy Hopps from Zootopia and appeared with skates and a protective helmet. When Pope tried to explain that robotics is all about precision, repeatability, and inhuman perfection, the robot broke out of the wooden box. Disney’s new robot can bounce and stand up again if it falls.

Pope told the audience: This is our latest effort in the field of building robots that can establish an emotional connection with our guests. Disney uses high performance materials and special mechanical effects to make its products more dynamic and stronger. In addition, they use data from motion capture so that the robot can provide movements that have emotions embedded in them.

All these factors had an effect in building the overall character of this robot. A new Zootopia theme park is expected to open in Shanghai Disneyland in 2023. However, at this point we still don’t know if Disney’s cute robot skater will be there.

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