DJI Mini 3 Pro drone review; The best small drone

DJI Mini 3 Pro drone review;  The best small drone

DJI Mini Series Quadcopters were previously known as a tool for entertainment and novice users, but DJI Mini 3 Pro has started a new chapter for this family. This drone can be considered the best small DJI quadcopter, because it has a very high image quality and uses obstacle detection sensors and intelligent flight modes. After two weeks of using the Mini 3 Pro, in this article I want to share my experience of this lovely UAV with you and watch the sample videos recorded with it.

Check out the 3 Pro Mini UAV with a video sample

Watch the video from YouTube

Watch the video from Aparat

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DJI RC remote control

The new DJI RC remote control is the best controller the company has introduced to date. If you want to buy the Mini 3 Pro and do not have the previous remote control, the RC-N1, I suggest you buy this drone with a new remote. The DJI RC controller makes it much easier for you to navigate and control the UAV due to its large, high-quality display, and you no longer need to use a mobile phone to control the UAV.

In my experience, the battery of this controller can be charged for at least 3 hours, and using the new O3 image transfer technology, it can receive and play live images from the UAV up to a distance of 12 km. Of course, under normal circumstances, a range of 12 km is not possible, but you can count on a range of at least 5-6 km. DJI RC controller charging is also very good in my experience and you can use it for at least 3 full hours.

Image quality of DJI Mini 3 Pro UAV

Review of Mini Pro 3 UAV

In the video review of the Mini 3 Pro UAV, you saw a sample of videos recorded with this UAV. The image quality of this device is very high and it is quite satisfactory for general and semi-professional use, but naturally it does not reach expensive cinema drones. Thanks to the large sensor and Dual Native ISO capability, you can record high quality videos even in low light conditions after sunset. Therefore, Mini 3 Pro drone is one of the suitable options for night shooting.

Maximum video quality is up to 150 Mbps. I used a 128GB microSD memory card to record video. You can see the video recording time on this amount of memory below:

  • 4K / 60 video about 2 hours
  • 4K / 30 video in HDR mode for about 3 hours
  • FHD / 60 video about 4 hours

This volume of storage space is sufficient for most users. Of course, the UAV remote control also has a microSD memory card slot, and you can use it to transfer UAV images and empty its storage space. The UAV internal memory is about 1.5 GB by default.

Intelligent flight capabilities

Review of Mini Pro 3 UAV

One of the most important and practical features of the DJI Mini 3 Pro UAV is its intelligent flight capabilities. Using artificial intelligence and software techniques, the drone provides you with pre-defined modes for shooting different subjects. Each of these modes can be done manually, but their clean and accurate execution requires a lot of skill and experience. So with Quickshots smart capabilities, you can become a professional video shooter with the push of a button.

The 3 Pro Mini UAV offers six different modes for smart imaging, each of which I will briefly describe below:

  • Dronie: In this simple mode, the drone moves slightly backwards and rises with the detection of the subject.
  • Rocket: In rocket mode, the drone goes to the top of the subject and then rises.
  • Asteroid: In this case, the drone rises to a great height and provides a panoramic view of the subject.
  • Circle: In this mode, the drone performs a simple circular motion with a constant height around the subject.
  • Helix: In this mode, the drone rotates smoothly around the subject and at the same time increases its height.
  • Boomerang: In this complex and complex motion, the drone simulates the motion of a boomerang around the subject.

In my experience, all of these modes work well and with high accuracy, and you can use them for professional shooting. Mastershots mode also records a combination of the above without the need for your control and guidance.

Follow the subject

As you can see in the review video, the smart subject tracking feature on the Mini 3 Pro UAV works very precisely and is very easy to use. Just specify the desired subject on the controller or activate the automatic subject recognition feature from the settings menu. In this case, the drone detects the subject and moves with it in different positions.

Obstacle detection sensors

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Another important feature of the DJI Mini 3 Pro drone is the obstacle detection sensors that come to this family for the first time. With these sensors, you can practically not hit the UAV with obstacles. The sensors are very sensitive and keep the distance of the drone from the nearest obstacle in all directions. Note, however, that the sensors would fail in Sport video mode. Therefore, use this mode only when, in addition to high proficiency in piloting the UAV, you have open and free space.

Charging Mini Pro 3 UAV

Review of Mini Pro 3 UAV

One of the problems with most professional flight equipment is battery charging. The 3 Pro Mini UAV with its standard battery can fly for up to 34 minutes. This figure will decrease depending on flight speed, video recording quality and environmental conditions, including wind speed. In my experience, considering the time it takes to return to HomePoint and taking into account safety issues, you can shoot for about 25 minutes with this drone.

DJI has also introduced a more powerful battery for this drone, which increases the flight time to 47 minutes, but with this battery, the weight of the drone also increases. If you are planning to use this quadcopter professionally, I suggest you buy the Flymore package for $ 189. In this pack, two extra batteries with a triple charging station are provided so that you do not have to charge the battery while shooting. In this pack, two additional blades and a drone carrying case are also included.


Take a closer look at the DJI Mini 3 Pro UAV

The DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has significant features, including excellent image quality, intelligent flight capabilities, and obstacle detection sensors. The new DJI RC controller also has a lot of merits to become your main drone controller. However, in my short experience, the most important feature of the Mini 3 Pro is that it gives you all the above features in a very small size and very low weight.

Carrying heavy drones while traveling is a big challenge for most users. I carried the drone in small bags for a long time, along with other items, and its weight was not annoying at all. So the Mini 3 Pro is arguably the best small drone you can get right now for personal or professional use.

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