domains from com. to ir. Transfer: Is the new phase of protection coming?

دامنه ها را از com. به ir. منتقل کنید

In a letter, Shoprek company asked payment companies to change their domains from .com to ir as soon as possible. transfer In the explanations given about this issue in the aforementioned letter, it seems that a new phase of internet filtering and user protection is on its way. Stay with us for more details of this news.

Domain transfer from .com to .ir

Shaperak has announced in a letter to payment companies that due to potential threats and risks and the possibility of dot com domains being blocked, payment companies Until the third of December They have the opportunity to transfer the domain of their site to the ir domain and announce the result to Shoprak.

domains from com.  to ir.  Transfer: Is the new phase of protection coming?

Shoprek has announced that the failure of the domain and the disruption of access to the site can affect the business of payment assistants, therefore, it is strongly recommended to implement the above action quickly.

At the moment, it is not clear what exactly will happen to the Internet after the 3rd of December, but the evidence suggests that the new phase of filtering and limiting the Internet will start with the blocking of dot-com domains for payers. Whether other websites with .com domains will be affected or not is a question that only “probably” the relevant authorities will know the answer to.

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