Donald Trump: Bitcoin is a scam and the US dollar should rule the world

دونالد ترامپ: بیت کوین یک کلاهبرداری است و دلار آمریکا باید در جهان حکمرانی کند

Former United States President Donald Trump recently said in an interview with the network “Fox BusinessBitcoin is said to be a scam that affects the value of the US dollar.

In an interview, Trump said he did not like bitcoin because of its competition with the dollar:

“Bitcoin is like a scam. “I do not like it because it is another currency that wants to compete with the dollar.”

The former US president continued his speech by saying that he wants the dollar to be the world currency and to rule the world:

“The world currency should be the dollar, and I do not think all the bitcoins in the world should be in circulation. I think it should be strictly controlled and needs regulation. “These cryptocurrencies call into question the importance of the dollar.”

Donald Trump has spoken out against bitcoin as El Salvador, the world’s first country, wants to recognize bitcoin as the official currency and legalize its transactions.

The price of Bitcoin has dropped dramatically in recent weeks, and of course one of the reasons for its rise was the words and tweets of Tesla CEO Ilan Mask. But with the announcement of Tesla’s non-acceptance of bitcoin, the market situation turned red.

Although Mask helped improve the market situation with his subsequent actions, such as the formation of a council to address the problems associated with bitcoin mining, the situation is such that the value of bitcoin continues to decline.

In addition to Mask’s remarks, we should mention the bans in China. Banks and electronic payment companies in China are unable to provide cryptographic services to customers.

The price of Bitcoin is now less than $ 35,000 and is close to $ 30,000. The price of these ciphers had exceeded $ 60,000 several months ago. But the important question is: can a currency with all these fluctuations threaten the world’s major currencies such as the dollar or not? what is your opinion?

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