Download the new Iranian serial on Iran TV, Jazireh serial and serial made in Iran 3

دانلود سریال ایرانی جدید در سایت ایران تی وی، سریال جزیره و سریال ساخت ایران ۳

These days, Afra TV series is broadcast on TV, next to Butterflies and Shadows. But glamorous series that are love stories or engaging the audience with criminal issues are more often exposed on the home theater network to earn agents money. Khatoon, Red Square and Shab Ahangi are among the works of the home theater network these days, among which Khatoon with a historical theme has slightly reduced the repetition of some works that were only intended to show a romantic theme.

Download Iranian serial New Island, made by Iran 3 and Nissan Abi in the home show network with half price domestic traffic and online broadcast on Iran TV website

Serial made in Iran 3

Made by Bahman Goodarzi, it seems that he is going to continue his work in the absence of Mohammad Reza Golzar. The two main characters of the story are Amin Hayaei and Majid Salehi, and again with a comedic theme, this time in Africa. Previously, Iran 1 was made by Mohammad Hossein Latifi and Iran 2 was made by Borzoo Niknejad.

Broadcast time made in Iran, third season? Evidence shows the spread of this work in early November 1400. For information on the exact date, refer to the Iran TV website and follow the page of the third season made in Iran.

Nissan Blue serial

Wama is another series with a family comedy genre called Nissan Abi and of course a surprise from the director who has always been criticized. It’s new for him.

The actors are Nissan Abi Assadollah Yekta, Amir Jafari, Behnaz Jafari, Jamshid Hashempour, Hossein Yari, Saeed Agakhani, Sirus Hemmati, Giti Ghasemi, Mehran Ghafourian, Yekta Nasser, Yousef Sayadi, and with a story about a girl named TT Gol, He has to transport with Nissan for his expenses, but during an accident, his financial situation improves …

The presence of Hossein Yari and Jamshid Hashempour with shaved heads has also injected a new make-up into this series.

Nissan Blue airtime? It will be shown at home around November or December, but for information on updates and new dates, refer to the page of this series on Iran TV at the following address.

Download Nissan Abi serial

Download Iranian serial Cyrus Moghadam Island

The series “Island” is directed by Sirus Moghadam and produced by Sirus Moghadam’s wife (Elham Ghafouri) and written by Ali Talebabadi. Well-known actors play roles in this series, but the most important figure who experiences his first appearance in a film is Amir Magharebi, whom we all know in music by the artistic name of Makanband. This series in 2 seasons and 30 episodes It is supposed to reach the home show. The story of love and revenge in this work is the most important event possible. Sahra is a journalist and active girl who, in order to take revenge on the Shahang family and her old love, decides to get rich in any way possible and knock them down …

When will the Island series air? The release date of the island was supposed to be in the summer of 1400, but due to the successive waves of corona and of course the location of this series, which is Kish Island, it was delayed a bit until it seems that the members of the film and group were vaccinated and the series resumed. the door Mid-October 1400 witness the official broadcast Let’s be in the home show.

Download Island Series

Actors of the Iranian series of the island: Elsa Firooz Azar, Amir Kazemi, Amir Maghare, Behnam Tashkar, Hesam Manzoor, Hamid Reza Pegah, Samieh Lak, Shadi Mokhtari, Ali Sarabi, Ghazal Shakeri, Kazem Siyahi, Mohammad Reza Forootan, Mitra Hajar, Mina Vahid, Hengameh Ghaziani.

Other factors:
Director of Photography: Mohammad Reza Sakoot
Producer: Manouchehr Mohammadi, Amir Hossein Heidari
Author: Ali Talebabadi
Face Designer: Mehrdad Mirkiani
Composer: Masoud Sakhvatdoost
Singer: Makanband

The existence of a variety of categories on the Iran TV site is to the satisfaction of users. Among the genres available on this website, we can mention comedy films, romance films, family films, crime films, etc. Users will be able to view different qualities according to their needs by entering any category and selecting the movie they want. The download link is placed directly so that users can download their desired movie at high speed in the fastest possible time. Watch all works online with a professional streaming video.

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