Driving experience with MVM X55 PRO at Azadi track; Attractive crossover with poor handling

تجربه رانندگی  با MVM X55 PRO در پیست آزادی؛ کراس اووری جذاب با هندلینگ ضعیف

Installation Powerful engines On light and compact cars, it usually seems like an attractive idea, and the X55 PRO model is also considered by car managers. Common engine and gearbox With Arezzo 5, Arezzo 6 and Tigo 7, formed with such a philosophy, but unfortunately Weak suspension system And its very soft adjustment has made this handling Handling of this car It should not be so interesting when passing through the turns.

Due to the compact dimensions and Weight 1.4 tons, X55 Pro It is a small crossover, which is larger than the X22 Pro (which is actually a hatchback crossover), and can be classified in the Haima S5, Changan CS35, and even the 2008 Peugeot and Nissan Joke.

X55 Pro

Technical specifications of X55 Pro

230 Nm of torque and 156 hp Which is obtained from a 1.5-liter turbo engine, is another issue that sets this car apart from its competitors, because some of its competitors are equipped with a naturally aspirated engine and can compete with this model in terms of engine power and performance. Do not have. Modiran Khodro Fuel consumption is 7.1 liters per 100 Kilometers has stated that of course the figure Dreamy It seems to happen in the real world.

X55 Pro

9-speed CVT automatic transmission In the Pro version, it has replaced the high-margin dual-clutch gearbox in the previous model. So now the X55 Pro has exactly the same engine and gearbox as the Tigo Pro, and looks like an agile car that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.5 to 11 seconds, which is an acceptable number compared to other cars on the market. Be.

Product family of car managers

Of course, technically, things are not going so well, because in the rear axle, the Tiglo 7 Pro multi-link suspension gives way to Solid axle and integrated suspension The data is based on the handling of this model Significant negative impact Followed.

X55 Pro

Features and amenities of MVM X55 Pro

Cruise control, stability control system, wireless mobile phone charging, rear sensor, autolite, airbag, gearbox, electronic gearbox, smartwatch, 360-degree camera and electric side mirror can be the main options of the X55 Pro.

X55 Pro

X55 Pro changes compared to the regular model

As we have mentioned many times before, the main difference X55 Pro Compared to the X55 in appearance. In the external part Designed front and rear bumpers and open windshield Red color theme has been added to the body and we see the use of different rims with red theme.

If we start from the inside of the car, the first difference that can be seen compared to the X55 is the dashboard is completely different from the previous version, which is now similar to the Tigo 7, and despite the large screens, it looks quite modern and attractive.

X55 Pro

The screen is larger than the previous version (7.5 inches) and below it are stretched vents that are both connected, clearly visible. The overall change in the dashboard, the facades and the appearance of the seat are other differences in the interior of this car.

X55 Pro

Where the solid black combination with the red linear cut once again evokes the image of the car’s exterior.

New rims, a very different windshield from the previous version and a more attractive front bumper can be described as a difference in appearance from the previous version.

X55 Pro

Price of X55 Pro

The price of X55 Pro has not been officially announced yet, but based on the rumors, it seems that we will face a figure of about 900 million Tomans. This figure is higher than the previous version, but shows a difference of more than one hundred million compared to the usual Tigo 7 and close to 300 million compared to the Tigo 7 Pro.

X55 Pro

Therefore, it can be said that with the release of this model, car managers want to fill the price range of 700 to 1 billion in their crossover product series, but in the mass market of used cars from Tivoli to used models of Tigo 7 and Jack S5, etc. can be purchased with such figures, and choosing the X55 Pro can be a little thought-provoking.

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